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Jan 24, 2007 09:47 AM

Restaurant near Fairfield, NJ

I will be in Fairfield, NJ for business next week and am looking for a nice restaurant to take a client to. Preferably within a 15 minute drive (I will be staying at 216 US Highway 46). Type of food is not important, we enjoy almost anything, but I would like something nice, but not overly fancy, and it would preferably have a "cool" atmosphere. Thanks.

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  1. Sick chinese place on 46 in Fairfield, seriously authentic, all chinese peeps eat there as high concentration of chinese there. It has a big panda in front right on the highway. Ask for the chinese menu as well as the regular chinese menu.

    1. Calandra's Restaurant in the Best Western on 46 east in Fairfield is very good Italian. It is surprising since it is in a hotel, but we eat there often and alsways enjoy it. There is a Calandras deli/bakery in the strip mall next to the hotel also, so dont get confused.