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Jan 24, 2007 09:18 AM

Jerusalem bagels

When I was in Jerusalem years ago I had a large, oval bagel that had sesame seeds on it. The person who gave it to us opened it up and sprinkled zahtar inside, and it was totally delicious. Does anyone out there know, a) what the official name is, and b) where i can find them? I live in the fairfax/beverly area so anywhere close to me would be great, but I'm definitely willing to travel as well. Thanks!

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  1. i forgot the name of the place but the israeli/moroccan bakery and cafe next door to livonia market on pico just w. of robertson (south side of st.) might fit yr request.

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      i think epop meant bibi's warmstone

      1. re: Bugg Superstar

        Bibi's Warmstone is *exactly* what you want, and it's fantastic.

    2. You might want to try some of the armenian places like Armen's on hollywood blvd near normandie. They make a large oval bread with sesame seeds (turkish name is simit, I don't know the armenian name) and they sell za'atar.

      1. thanks, i'll check it out.

        1. Night Toast Cafe.

          (Yes, yes, I know, this post is over 3 years old. But gimme a break, just trying to answer a question without starting a whole new thread.)

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              I'm going to have to check out that Night Toast Cafe. The "Tunisian Toast" on the menu-- that sounds like the real deal.

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                There is a place ( Bakery )thats across the street from that famous falafel place near hollywood ( arax I think is the name of the falafel place ) this is a very very very good middle eastern bakery on the same block just a little west on the other side of the street.

                Can someone help me here?? Breads were devine and they have the bagel and zaatar that your seeking..

                Just found it:

                has the zaatar on the menu but the bagels I remember seeing, way better than bibi warmstone.