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Jan 24, 2007 09:18 AM

Driving to DC from N.E.

Fellow Chowsters - I've been doing this drive for years (New England to DC) but have never stopped in-between for food. Either brought it all or got it at (Yelp!!) pit stops. Where is a good chowhound place south of NYC off 95 (Jersey tpk). Must be easy to get to and back on, not far from the exit, not too expensive (with family, "kids" are grown up though), and be worth the extra effort. Any cuisine is welcome, we love all food as long as it's good (wife is veggie, I'm not a big meat eater so hot dog places don't make it).
Please help out. BTW - if there is anything good on 95, we can do that too. Thanks all. Chow On !!

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  1. I've been doing the drive for years and have never stopped in between for food, either. You might want to ask on the NJ page to see if they have any suggestions.

    1. Never stopped except for gas or bathrooms in all the years I've made the NYC/DC run.
      The best stop is the Belmont section in the Bronx, just off the Cross Bronx section of I-95. Arthur Avenue and 187th is the epicenter of the best Italian shopping district ever! Fab food markets, carryouts, restaurants. I eat and shop. Check the Outer Boroughs Board for details. Then stop and enjoy.
      I buy cookies and fruit for the road to DC. And plenty to stock my pantry and freezer at home. Then head for the GW Bridge, the Turnpike and South. I'm too full and happy to stop.
      By the time I get to Baltimore, where getting off the road isn't too complicated and might be worthwhile, I'm only 40 minutes from home so a detour isn't worth it. You might want the adventure.

      1. When I make that drive, I try my best to make stops for cheesesteaks at Pat's or Geno's in Philadelphia and White Castle hamburgers in New Jersey.

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          Try Tony Lukes in Phily for rost pork with aged provolone and raab. Forget the offramp but its at the South side of Philly under the 95.

        2. I 'second' on the White Castle hamburgers in NJ!!

          1. Mastoris at NJTP Exit 7. But definitely check the Mid-Atlantic board, the NJTP question is asked fairly regularly there...and I suspect this thread might end up there, as well...