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Has anyone been to Pres a Vi in San Francisco

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As a long time fan of Va de Vie in Walnut Creek, I was delighted to hear that they had opened a new restaurant in the Presidio in San Francisco. Would love to get some feedback about their new venture Pres a Vi.

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    1. Attractive, woody decor with large windows and good view, in the George Lucas part of the Presidio. Nice bar, spacious arrangement of tables. Small plates--tiny, some might say, and some a bit fussy for my taste. The ones I got a taste of (I was with a group of hungry friends) were good. I cannot be more specific about dishes because I did not take notes and we were having a meeting while eating. Not my usual Chowish behavior, but I had no choice. Wines are listed to be paired with dishes and come in 3oz or 6oz amounts. Good idea. I plan to go back when I can concentrate more on the food going in than the words coming out of my mouth.

      1. Yes, we just went and had a wonderful meal. With a wine list that was very good. Give it a try...

        1. My hubby works at Lucas and we went the first week it was open, so maybe the experience was not representative. However, we both thought the food was very average and overpriced for what you got. The decor was lovely, however, and the service very friendly yet professional. Will be giving it another shot.

          1. Just there today only because we were looking for that late afternoon wine and nibble.

            We both enjoyed the wine flights that we ordered and a very well executed list. We ordered a couple of "bar bites" good but not spectacular.

            I looked at the menu it might be worth while going back for after I have tried other places on my list.

            They offer a Winemaker Dinner Series in Jan., Feb., and twice in March might be something worth while and it is a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

            I would go back more for the wine flights, I thought they were grouped interestingly.

            I was disappointed in the interior, so much potential.

            1. We went a few weeks ago, and between the 4 of us we tried about 8 dishes, some of which were average, some of which were terrible. Serrano ham croquettes with no ham and fried in oil that tasted about a year old, and "mac and cheese" with crab that had absolutely no flavor, none. Very dissapointing, especially for around $60 a person.

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                I am not putting this high on my list of places for dinner. I did not find the menu interesting nor too creative.

                I do recommend just going and sitting at the bar for their wine flights, lots of very good choices and interesting options.

                The place feels like a chain rest. corporation put the menu together and a design team that does high end chain restaurants designed it. Then their is the wine list which does not match the rest. Like I said the place has great potential, but already is in need of revamping and getting someone in that do a much better job with the kitchen and menu.. .

                The pros are great location, plenty of parking and good wines to try.

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                  we ate at Pres a Vi right after it opened and again last week. Memories of the first visit: interesting food, confused service (after our second course, the table was cleared, we called over our waiter, the table was then completely reset for the third course), nice wine list. Memories of last week? I had a good steak; our friend had pretty-decent looking paella. BUT, our waitress said, no problem if you don't order the whole meal at once, things come out pretty quickly (they didn't); then she delivered Margaret's ravioli to another table, so our friend and I sat staring at our main courses an extra four-five minutes before hers was delivered--this after a pretty long wait as it was, though the restaurant was nearly empty. Wines, okay. Appetizer/small plates (two), nothing special. I had a roasted apricot desert that was, um, interesting... verdict: doubtful we'd go back.