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Jan 24, 2007 08:52 AM

Take out in West Chester

I just moved to West Chester from Philly and am having a hard time finding decent take out/delivery options. Any ideas on where to get a good meal on the go? All types of food are welcome.

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  1. Do some exploring. Some of these options will be in the 'heart of the borough' and a few not too far out.

    Wave Noodle is probably the best chinese in the borough, fresh ingredients and they get a lot of take out business. (610)436.8020

    Right near Wave Noodle is Coco's Pizza. Decent Pizza + Steaks.

    In Gay Street Plaza is Wings to Go, Indian Gardens (but some may prefer Star of India on Gay street) and Senoras Authentic Mexican (Authentic is in the name! Quick and damn good (610)344.4950)

    Pepper Mill has been 'the spot' to get a cheesesteak but a lot of places can do them well. Avoid the pizzas there IMO. (610)692.0100

    K&G Pizza has a mean stromboli and calzones, nice cheesesteak but again I'm not a big fan of the pizza. (610)436.9350

    Athenas probably has some of the better pizza of the non-chains in the area, does all of the other stuff pretty well too. A lot of my friends swear by this place. (610)918.0100

    Come to think of it, there really isn't any 'amazing' Mom & Pop pizza in this area. It seems to be about who's cheapest or opened the latest as opposed to the best tasting. All of the pizza places mentioned above are out of the borough but not too far.

    Lastly, it isn't the most convenient take out (they do offer it), but get yourself down to The Classic Diner on Rt. 30 in Malvern.

    There's plenty of other places that do take out but I figure if you're grabbing take out it is either pizza, chinese, or fast food (and the borough has plenty of that as well). Good luck and hope I've been of some help.

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        I'm only familiar with take out/delivery places in the borough, and I don't really do take out too often, but here's my reccomendations:

        Wave Noodle if by far the best Chinese in the area

        And as far as pizza, I would have to say Riggtown has the best pizza. There's two Riggtowns: one on Market St. called Riggtown Uptown (I've never eaten there), but the other Riggtown, which is owned by the same people, is on Matlack St. Don't waste your time eating their plain pizza...the best by far is the honey mustard chicken pizza, but they also have a mean BBQ chicken pizza.

        I'm still kind of curious about the Pita Pit on Gay St. even though I don't typically eat from chain restaurants.

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          A friend of mine went to Pita Pit and said that it was pretty good, ingrediants are pretty fresh. It is more of a 'create your own' so how it tastes is all on you. I've never gotten anything from Riggtown but after reading your post that honey mustard chicken sounds amazing.

      2. Travel north a short distance into Exton and try the relatively new Super Suppers. This is more for stocking your fridge or freezer with a nice selection of "home-cooked meals. Their daily menu is posted on their website, so you can order ahead.


        1. If you are looking for comfort food, go to Mable's BBQ. Located on Market St., next to Dunkin Donuts and before the Super WaWa. A little take out joint with amazing Pulled pork BBQ, fabulous Sweet Potato side and a Mac N Cheese to die for. We limit ourselves to once a month:)

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            seconded. the hush puppies are damn good too.

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              oooo i totally have to try the sweet potatoes....my weakness!

              and back to the honey mustard chicken: i was vegetarian for a brief period, and the only food (besides pho) that i missed was my riggtown! yummmm.....