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gOOd fine dining lunch in SF?

Any suggestions for a fine dining lunch in SF? cuisine doesn't matter as long as it tastes good. No more than $30pp


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  1. Boulevard
    A16 (Wed. - Fri. only)
    Bacar (Fri. only)

    Not that many of the pricier restaurants with great food are open for lunch.

    1. any specific area? COCO can be good....I agree with Robert on Boulevard and Zuni.

      1. Try Silks, the restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, entrance on Sansome Street.

        1. I like all of the places that Robert mentioned, but if you mean $30 per person after tax and tip, all of those restaurants except maybe A16 are well out of the price range (unless everyone orders an entree and no drinks, alcoholic or no). Having worked with that budget myself, I found Slanted Door works very well for it, because most people share and the prices aren't bad, Town Hall is also good, as is Yank Sing.

          1. the above are good.. also, Rubicon and Aqua

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            1. re: Lori SF

              Aqua has gotten some very negative reports here recently.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I was there a month ago and I thought the food was well prepared, fresh and great service. I use to work in the DF and went there quit often, frankly got burnt out and had some ok meal towards the end.
                In December had to meet a client and could not think fast enough end up there for lunch mid- december. I was reluctant but very pleased overall.

              2. re: Lori SF

                It's virtually impossible to eat at Aqua for $30 per person! I've had trouble fitting under budget when it was $50 per person!

                Also, I think the food there isn't worth more than $20 per person, if that.

              3. SF dine about town is going on right now (21.95 3-course lunches), so you can choose from many more restaurants at that price point until the end of the month.
                Also, Farallon does their 3-course lunch special for $25 year-round.
                Some Dine About Town recs:
                - Lulu
                - Bacar
                - Bong Su
                - Campton Place (the best DAT lunch I've experienced


                The full list or restaurants serving the $21.95 lunch is below:
                Absinthe Brasserie & Bar - French
                Acme Chophouse - Steakhouses
                Alfred's Steakhouse - Steakhouses
                Americano - Californian
                Ana Mandara - Vietnamese
                Annabelle's Bar and Bistro - Californian
                Asia de Cuba - Fusion/Eclectic
                bacar restaurant and wine salon - American
                Big 4 Restaurant - American
                Bistro Boudin - American
                BIX Restaurant - American
                Blowfish Sushi to Die For - Japanese/Sushi
                Bong Su Restaurant & Lounge - Vietnamese
                Butterfly - Californian
                Campton Place Restaurant - Californian
                Castagnola's Restaurant - Italian
                Catch Restaurant - Seafood
                Chez Papa - French
                Chouquet's Restaurant - French
                Daily Grill - Steakhouses
                Emporio Rulli Gran Caffè - Italian
                Faz - Mediterranean
                Fournou's Ovens - Mediterranean
                Fringale - French
                Grand Cafe - French
                Grandviews - American
                Hornblower Cruises & Events - American
                Hurley’s Restaurant - Californian
                Jack Falstaff - Californian
                Lark Creek Steak - American
                Le Charm French Bistro - French
                Le Zinc - French
                Les Amis - French
                Market Street Grill - Californian
                Maya Restaurant - Mexican
                McCormick & Kuleto's Seafood Restaurant - Seafood
                MoMo's - American
                Moose's Restaurant - American
                One Market Restaurant - American
                Palomino - American
                Paragon Restaurant & Bar - American
                PlumpJack Cafe - Californian
                Pres a Vi Global Cuisine - Global
                Restaurant LuLu - French
                Rose Pistola - Italian
                Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine - Seafood
                Scoma's Restaurant - Seafood
                Seven Fifty Restaurant - Mediterranean
                Sutro's at the Cliff House - American
                The Cosmopolitan - American
                The Oak Room at the St. Francis Hotel - American
                The Terrace Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton - Mediterranean
                The Washington Square Bar & Grill - Italian
                The Waterfront Restaurant - Seafood
                Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise - Chinese/Fusion
                Trader Vic's San Francisco - Global
                XYZ - American

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                1. re: foodiegrl

                  Many of those places serve mediocre or worse food, and many don't cost $22 for lunch anyway.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Which is why I promoted the 4 where I have experienced good food and a nice setting - all at a $30 price point or less.

                    I think in a previous post I bemoaned the lack of selection among the DAT offers this year: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/353781
                    Many are mediocre at best, but there are still some gems in there.

                2. How about Palio D'Asti?
                  Here's a lunch menu:
                  I've always enjoyed and it looks to be in your price range.