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Need Wine recs for indian food

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We're having an Indian theme dinner party. We'll have lots of Kingfisher beer available, but wondering what types of wine we should have on hand?

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  1. Classic recommendations are gewurtztraminer, riesling, and muscat.

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      Heartily second that. I had a Riesling last summer that was just the right touch of sweetness with Indian food and oh my, the nose was beautiful! It was Rancho Sisquoc 2005.

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        Second Rancho Sisquoc Riesling. They also make a Sylvaner that would pair nicely with Indian food. IMO of course.

    2. If it's spicy food, it makes a big difference to have a wine with a sweet finish. Without the sweet finish the taste of the wine gets buried in the heat.
      Beer probably works best.

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        Not necessarily true. I've often drunk bone-dry Alsatian whites with Indian food.

        Also dry Cotes-du-Rhone reds. Madhur Jaffrey likes Bordeaux.

      2. I had a glass of a chenin blanc from India at Spice Market that paired well with the spicy food. It was off-dry and mineral-y with some fruity notes. It's from a winery called Sula. Not sure how widely available it is, but here's the link:


          1. Try one of the following varieties of white: Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris/pinot Grigio, Verdelho