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Dessert Trends on Harbord

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Great little spot , I dropped in yesterday afternoon and ordered a double chocolate pear cake that was deeee-lishious. The owner says their desserts go to pusateris and finer hotels around town. Anyone in the neighbourhood should go check it out they have an amazing selection of treats, full cakes and serve espresso as well. Anyone else been by?

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  1. I think I've been there - happened upon it with some friends from out-of-town, and had some good pastries.

    Refresh my memory, if this was, indeed the place. There's a long showcase of pastries and savouries, with some seating to the right and to the left of the doorway? They serve salads and sandwiches, too?

    1. We had a nice brunch there. German apple pancake and a nice sandwich. Good service, good value.

        1. Went there for dinner last fall. I remember the meal being quite tasty, and the dessert was amazing, a fruit tart in this remarkably fresh mango passionfruit sauce. Yum! I don't know if they're still doing dinners, but I've been meaning to drop in for brunch.

          1. Very impressed. I brought home 6 handmade desserts for under $25.

            Great spot.

            1. My friend brought me to this quaint little eatery about two years ago for brunch. Have been there for brunch and cakes on many occasions since and have never been disappointed. The brunch menu is quite extensive - from soups, sandwiches, quiches, egg dishes and the more traditional brunch fare. The flavours and plating always please both the palate and the eye. And I agree, the cakes and pastries are also a must! My favourite is the almond croissant...delicious.

              The owner, Don, use to teach at George Brown's culinary school. I called at the beginning of winter because I wanted to drop by for dinner. Don told me that they have temporarily suspended dinner service until spring when they expect to get their liquor license.

              1. From their website ( www.desserttrends.ca ):

                * * * * * We will be open for dinner with extended hours from Wednesday to Saturday beginning Friday March 1st 2007. We expect to be licensed to serve alcohol at that time. We are currently available to serve dinner to private parties or special events for any evening for groups of between 15 to 50 people. * * * * *

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                  he mentioned that the other day when i was by (license thing) --- i think they would do tremendously well if they had better signage - i've found that unless you're looking for the place it's kinda inconspicious --- i'm gonna round up a bunch of stuff too on the weekend, i'm pretty impressed it's just down the street and gonna support it for sure

                2. Has anyone actually ordered one of their wedding cakes? They look spectacular, but i'm curious as to the taste?