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Best Fish and Chips?

I have a serious craving for fish and chips and am looking for the best place in the new york area! any leads?!

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  1. A Salt and Battery is pretty darn good and authentic. There are two locations, one on Greenwich between 12th & 13th, and the other in the East Village on 2nd Ave near 4th or 5th St. My favorite is the haddock, which they frequently run out of, unfortunately!

    You'll find deep fried Mars Bars - which are disgustingly, disturbingly good - on the menu as well.

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      I take it back, the East Village location is now closed. Ugh.

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        I think the one on Greenwich closed a while ago, too.

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          Definitely not, I had delivery from there a few weekends ago.

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        Try Connolly's pub&restaurant, there are a few locations in midtown around times square, although the one on W 45 St. seems to be a little better than the others.

      3. I really like Chip Shop, at the Atlantic Avenue location. We love the fried macaroni and cheese, too.

        1. I am a chip shop fan myself .

          1. Another vote for the Chip Shop. I've been to the one in Park Slope many times. Though, I like my fish with their mashed potatoes and peas rather than chips. Yummy!


            1. Eight Mile Creek on Mulberry in SoHo (?) does a mean Aussie-style fish and chips. I think they may even use barramundi.

              1. We also like Chip Shop, but lately have been leaning towards Pete's Waterfront Ale House (down the block on Atlantic) for their fish & chips. Huge portion just like Chip Shop, though being able to get an appetizer of Pete's great ribs doesn't hurt either!

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                1. ive been waiting for a post like this. Im a Torontonian now living in Nyc, and fish & chips is the 1 thing about Toronto ive been missing the most. Nyc doesnt have Toronto's strong british roots so i just figured i was out of luck when i came to F&C's. PLEASE continue to post any shops in the Nyc area that serve decent fish and chips.


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                    A Salt and Battery on Greenwich ave nyc.....excellent english style fish and chips..... www.asaltandbattery.com

                  2. battered barramundi at bondi road on the LES. awesome.

                    1. i like the fish & chips at telephone bar on 2nd ave. btw. 9th & 10th... very very crispy.