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Jan 24, 2007 08:32 AM

Anyone try Porter House for RW?

I see there are still res available and was wondering if it is worth it. TIA

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  1. We ate there last night. For RW, there were 3 choices in each category.
    Appetizers were a Bibb Salad, Caesar salad-good anchovy taste, well dressed with garlic croutons, and a generous portion, and butternut squash bisque-not to heavy, but very flavorful.
    Mains were a chicken dish, Salmon with buttery potatoes-cooked correctly, and Steak frites, nicely charred and peppery, with crisp fries that were very nice.
    Desserts-a parfait/sorbet, chocolate cake-standard, very rich chocolate, a little dry, and a rice pudding with raspberry sauce that I liked very much.
    A decent bread basket and butter were provided, but no extras.
    They featured wines by the glass that fit all price ranges from $10 up.
    The room is subdued, with nice views. We could talk in a normal tone even when it became crowded, which is not always the case in a steakhouse.
    So-I thought the RW menu was fair for the price, and the food and service were enough to convince me I should go back sometime and pay the full fare, which is a bit high ($9 for vegetable sides)-worth considering if you want to eat in the area, probably not worth a trip.