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Jan 24, 2007 08:10 AM

PLEASE bring back the Hot Posts drop down box

It was so easy and fast to use the drop down box. The new popup box that you must search through every time you want to "Switch Board" slows me down.

Please bring it back!

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      1. Please don't. The new version is more logically ordered and requires the same number of mouse clicks.

        Please do, however, add an option to display all new posts in a set of user-specified Favorite forums.

        1. This is the most aggravating thing about the changes.

          I am only interested in certain of the Boards and I want to quickly see the new posts in those Boards.

          If you guys are listening, why don't you respond to this thread and the other one I started with a similar complaint.

          1. I'm fine with either the drop down or the list...just please put the boards in alphabetical order!!!!