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Jan 24, 2007 08:01 AM

Best Deal in Brookline/Brighton/Allston/Watertown

Meeting a friend tonight and we want good comforting food and lots of wine. We are both trying to stick to our New Years Resolution budgets so we want somewhere that we can sit and relax and not break the bank.

Any thoughts on somewhere with good food for budget prices but that also serve beer/wine?

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  1. "budget" means vastly different things to different people.

    washington square tavern maybe?

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      Also Public House across the street. Devlin's in Brighton Center maybe. Soho isn't that great but you can hang out there til the nightlife starts. For Malaysian, Aneka Rasa is a fairly comfortable place to sit around as are some of the other Asian places in Allston. Matt Murphy's in Brookline village. Buff's Pub in Newton Corner.

      1. re: Joanie

        I was really pleasantly surprised by Soho a couple of weeks ago. Granted, I had zero expectations, but the steak tips were good, fries were crispy and hot, and the veggies weren't mushy at all, with what might have been garlic butter (but not too much). The place seems to have an identity crisis, though--the bar area wants to be all sleek, yet there are Coors Light posters on the bathroom doors....

        1. re: cmd

          Soho doesn't seem confused to me: it's a big, noisy neigborhood bar -- lots of big-screen TV sports and 20-somethings looking for romance on weekends -- with the usual pub-food suspects on the menu. (I'm glad to hear the food's not terrible; I wouldn't have risked it even if I hadn't been headed to the excellent Jasmine Bistro around the corner.)

          Judging from the patrons, I don't think a few modern architectural touches or that specialty cocktail list full of sugary kids' stuff is fooling anyone into thinking this is really some sleek, clubby nightspot, though you might get that impression from the print ads and website. All I know is, their bartenders' skills don't extend beyond pulling drafts and spritzing highballs: their cocktail craft is atrocious.

    2. the White Horse Tavern on Brighton Ave has good food and drink for fairly cheap - also, the Common Ground around the corner on Harvard is pretty laid back.

      1. Strip T's on School St. just off Arsenal in Watertown is a cozy little store front w/w&b & lots blackboard specials:

        1. what about cafe brasil in brighton/allston? cheap food and wine. And there's been a bit of chat about Deep Ellum next door, although I haven't been yet.

          If you want Italian, Greg's in Watertown is also cheap. The steak is quite good (and large) for the price and the eggplant parm is good too.

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          1. re: silver queen

            Deep Ellum is actually a couple of blocks away from Cafe Brazil, not next door.

            Cafe Brazil is a good idea - nice mellow atmosphere, not crowded on a Wednesday night, and the prices are good.

            Deep Ellum isn't what I think of as entirely budget-friendly - we ordered rather modestly on our one visit, but a cheeseburger, one cup of chili, a wurst plate, and two beers set us back $40. We liked it and want to go back soon, but that feels more like a bit of a splurge to me than a cheap night out. As stated above, "budget" means vastly different things to different people...

          2. O'Leary's Pub Beacon St across from St. Mary's T stop.