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Jan 24, 2007 07:46 AM

Salt Lick 360

Hubbers and I didn't feel like happy hour again at Eddie V's or Manuel’s...just yet, so we decided to do takeout at SL360. You know, we've lived there for about five years now and avoided it like the plague because we've never been very fond of their bbq and felt the only real positive to SL was the fun campy location in Driftwood.

We had read in Fearless Critic that the queso and the 360 burger were worth a try so that's what we ordered.

Queso was well above average with a blend of "real cheeses" with the typical velveeta-ish queso. The thing that really set it apart was it was full of brisket, grilled onion, green chile, mushroom and garlic. Really, quite tasty.

The $10 burger (nope, not a typo) came with gi-normous sea-salted french fries (these things were basically a potato cut in quarters) which I felt seemed too much like a fluffy baked potato than french fries but hubbers loved them.

The burger itself was grilled to order, which was a very, very pleasant surprise, as most places will agree to cook it medium rare only to have it come out medium well. It was more than enough to cut in half and share and came with plenty of grilled green chiles (I will ask for extra next time though as they were very flavorful) onions, tomato and more cheese. Burger was seasoned well and bun was fluffy and didn't fall apart half way through.

Would absolutely go back for take-out and a bit of star watching (Mike Judge happened to be there when I was picking up my meal and the waitress said several stars come there to eat because they ARE so quiet. Go figure.)

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  1. I absolutely love the chicken-fried smoked turkey with Jalepeno gravy there. Haven't been there in a while so I don't know if they still serve it, but its well worth it. While granted it's almost impossible to not taste good when its smoked AND fried AND spicy, but its on my list of last meals.

    Don't like the BBQ there either.