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Jan 24, 2007 07:21 AM

suggestions for Mexican food in Boyle Heights/East LA?

I'm looking for recommendations for a Mexican restaurant in East LA (preferably Boyle Heights) or downtown that will be open around 5:00pm on a Sunday night. Has to be sit-down, but doesn't have to be fancy. I'd love to hear about places that specialize in specific regions or types of food, but we'll be with a vegetarian. So somewhere that only serves awesome birria wouldn't be such a great choice this time.

I'm also intersted in somewhere new to me so that excludes La Serenata di Garabaldi, La Parilla, Ciro's and El Tepeyac. I think that Babita or Teresita's are too far away given our time constraints and I've been to both anyway. I'm not interested in somewhere like Malo or Ciudad or anything along those lines.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Have you been to Los Antojitos before? It won't change your life but it may fit the bill, based on your description of your desired type of place.

    2122 E. 1st Street

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    1. re: tony michaels

      That's a great suggestion - it would totally work. Alas, I just called them and they're closed on Sundays. I'll have to try it another time though - thanks!

    2. Try Carioca - pretty sure it is open at that time on Sunday - but call first.

      2321 E 1st St
      Los Angeles, CA 90033

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      1. re: slowrider

        Thanks - I'll check them out! No one's answering the phone now, but I'll try later on.

      2. I would try El Riconcito Del Mar at 2940 1st Street(near Evergeen). They specialize in Seafood (i.e. Cocteles and Caldos) but they have other yummy food. They have been in Business for over 10 year(I think close to twenty). It is a sit-down restaurant and they have a bar too.

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        1. re: jasonsha

          Hmm - just looked at their menu - that sounds good too! Thanks

          1. re: jasonsha

            We ended up at El Riconcito Del Mar - thanks for the recommendation, I really enjoyed it. We split guacamole and a ceviche tostado to start, both were delicious esp. the guacamole which was smooth, creamy goodness. I loved the chips. I don't know why, but I could not stop eating them.

            I got one of the seafood soups which was very good. I made barely a dent in it and had leftovers last night. I also appreciated the unending supply of tamarindo (including a little carafe of it towards the end - dang those chips made me thirsty!). The service was great, could have lived without the extended mariachi set at the table next to us, but so it goes. I liked the accordian player best (but one of my fellow diners contended this means it wasn't mariachi, hmm).

            Next time, I'd definitely like to try Carioca - I could never get them on the phone to confirm they'd be open and we were meeting at the restaurant so I wanted to be sure. But we passed it afterwards and it looked like it was hopping! Next time I'll know.

          2. La Parrila, East Los Angeles, very authentic, good parrilladas, and molcajetes.

            We often drive all the way to La Parrilla from SCV when we crave for good Mexican food.

            revision: ooops, sorry I just re read your post about no La Parrilla ; (.