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Jan 24, 2007 07:05 AM

Frank and John's from Italy in East Greenwich, RI

My girlfriend and I have been on a search of a great slice of thin, chewy, NY or CT style pizza in RI, and so far have had no great luck. To give you an idea of the style we're going for, Via Via is our favorite followed by Nice Slice, then Fellinis. I read some decent things about both Neo's (from Bill Rodriguez at the Phoenix, which I could not distrust more) and Frank and John's in East Greenwich (here on Chowhound). F+J's was convenient to hit up the movie we wanted to see afterwards, so off we went.

I'll cut right to the chase--the pizza was disappointing. Not BAD per se, at least by the low standards I have in RI, but nowhere near as satisfying as Via Via. The crust was too thick to be truely thin and a bit soggy, with no crispness on the bottom. The upper part of the crust, where it came into contact with the cheese, was a bit wet and doughy. The flavor was good, but the whole thing was too thick, doughy and slippery--it lacks that great thin, cohesive structure that I'm looking for from a slice.

That said, the place was cute, the waitress was extremely sweet, and the salad was much better than I expected. But the pizza certainly won't have us driving down from Providence again.

Anyone tried Neo in Cranston? Any better?

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  1. Have you been to Adesso or Zoomah? Adesso was the pioneer of the wood fired pizza. Zoomah makes beautiful seriously think pizzas, also

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      Sadly, Adesso closed its doors last year.

    2. Check out Junction Pizzeria In North Kingstown, in the Wal-Mart plaza. Very good NY style pizza...

      1. Someone on Chowhound recommended "Park Cafe" at the intersection of Park and Rolfe. While not the most flavorful pizza around, it certainly has the large slice, thin crust, so-big-and-floppy-you-need-to-fold-it-over-to-eat-a-slice thing down.

        It's become my favorite NY style (with the tastier but smaller sliced "Nice Slice" a close #2) pizza place.

        - Garris
        Providence, RI

        PS: My overall favorite (not NY style) is still Pizza Pie-er...

        1. The pizza I grew up loving in NYC was seldom as thin as the New Haven style. I was wrong to recommend Frank and John to anyone craving extra thin but I stand by them as my R.I. favorite. I have yet to try Via Via and Park Cafe.
          The chowbabies did me proud years ago when they began demanding whole grain crust from Pizza Pie-er! We still order it. I am happy to eat it but I consider it Modern pizza. Old Fashioned pizza like Caserta and Frank and John is what I go out of my way for.

          1. We get Pizza Pie-er every Friday night. Not the style you're looking for, though...don't know if it's still there, but Bob & Timmy's on Federal Hill was thin and grilled and fantastic. Last I knew, they had moved out of DePasquale Sq. and into a little space behind the big church (Holy Ghost? I don't think so) on the corner of Atwells and Dean.