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Jan 24, 2007 06:42 AM

60th Birthday Luncheon for 25 peeps.. in OC

My best friend is turning 60 years old and I want to throw her a birthday luncheon ...I was thinking Sage...but I am always up for other suggestions.

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  1. Any particular food or price preferences?

    For one suggestion: How about Onotria in Costa Mesa (

    1. Summit House in Fullerton: they do wonderful weddings and are good with big parties

      1. My friend wants a place with atmosphere...that's fun to have a luncheon in her honor with 30 women...

        1. Il Fornaio in Irvine

          The Cannery in Newport Beach

          Marco Polo in Newport Beach

          Duke's in Huntington Beach

          Muldoon's in Newport Beach (it is a bar, but they have a nice Atrium and good food)