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Jan 24, 2007 06:35 AM

the red bar under chowhound with options tends to disappear

I dont know if this is only a problem with the beige theme - but that whole bar becomes invisible at times, making it impossible to navigate around.

also have had some problems using the "back" button and reliably getting back to the prior page viewed.

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  1. from what I can tell...using FF2 browser on a Mac...
    that pulldown bar on MyChow tends to disappear from page to page in either color theme
    it doesn't disappear *every* time tho

    1. Me too... using IE, but not sure which version.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Are you visiting a specific page when this happens? Also, can you please upload a screenshot so we can better assess the issue?

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        1. re: Engineering

          I dont know how to do the screenshot thing, but basically what happens is that when I return to the top of the page to navigate further, the red bar may be gone, except for the little house on the left and the line under Boards. sometimes when I move my cursor up there it will appear, sometimes not. clicking in the area doesnt seem to effect it.

          I also do not seem to have color stability yet for my pale theme choice.

          1. re: Engineering

            I was just coming to the Problems/Feedback site to report the same issue.

            Screen shot - attached...

            P.S. Refreshing the page when you scroll back up seems to take care of returning the red navigation bar back to the page you're viewing.

          2. I'm using FF2 on a Mac
            On the main page, I clicked down the MyChow menu
            I clicked through to Posts
            when I clicked on this thread from that page, the bar disappeared
            hope that helps

            ps I just did it a second time
            reloaded main page, clicked MyChow (which brought me to the Posts page)
            when I clicked this thread to add to it, bar disappeared

            My Chow
            when I clicked through a link to a thread there, the bar disappeared with the new thread

            1. We spent some time with this issue yesterday, and believe that it's been fixed. If you see otherwise, please let us know. Our nav bar should like the attached screenshot.


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              1. re: Engineering

                the drop down menu still disappears for me,
                when I click from MyChow to one of the threads I've posted to - like this one - I assume that opens Boards, and so my Posts, Favorites, etc are gone. All the arrows next to the Headings (Boards, MyChow) are pointing down at that point.
                I have to click back a page, or click again on MyChow to get the submenu bar back.

                Hope that's clear - thanks for working on it, or let us know if that's how it's supposed to work.