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Jan 24, 2007 06:35 AM

Private alcove or room for 10

I need recommendations for a mid-to-upscale place that can accommodate 10 in a private alcove or room (we have trouble hearing each other when seated in main dining rooms), preferably in Upper East/West, or midtown east. Thanks.

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  1. I know it's not in the neighborhood you're looking for, but Crispo has an alcove. I think it seats somewhere between 8 and 10 people. The food is excellent, they have a decent wine list, and if you check out other posts on Chowhound, you'll see that it's a clear favorite amongst posters. Hope this helps!

    1. Calle Ocho, on Columbus between 81st and 82nd has a private alcove for larger groups. It's a fun atmosphere, with good drinks, and very tasty latin food.

      1. Oops! I forgot to mention another good one...Compass on the UWS

        1. Keens Steakhouse on 36th has several lovely upstairs rooms.
          Out of range over on 11th Ave., but pretty cool, the Landmark Tavern's upstairs you could probably get easily.

          1. try the ff: BLT Steak, Capital Grille, Felidia, L'Impero, Park Ave. Cafe...they all have private rooms just not sure if they have one that they will rent out for 10 people.