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Jan 24, 2007 06:28 AM

Broadway Oyster Bar-St. Louis

Any info on this restaurant, food, dress code etc. Am going for the first time. Thanks!

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  1. Good restaurant. On a night like this, ask to sit next to the fireplace. It is very casual. No dress code. They have oysters prepared many different ways. I like the gumbo and the red beans and rice. They have a combo plate with three different choices. Good for the first time. Have fun.

    1. The Broadway Oyster Bar is fun and funky. Funky means you can dress as casual as you want. Finding the bathroom is always an adventure for the first timer.

      1. The food is delicious, but don't sit next to the fireplace unless you have some sort of arterial flow problem. I thought my clothes were going to melt. Also, they welcome smokers, so if smoke is a problem for you, don't go. I had to air out my clothes afterwards.

        1. Just had dinner here. Very, very good creole style cooking! Not the over the top spice, but excellent flavors and good for the price. The sampler platter was huge! Mussels are excellent as well. Like so many St Louis restaurants, smoking going on everywhere so I got carryout. It would be a fun place to visit and hang out with others and listen to music.

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            Love the music and the vibe there. Bway Oyster, along with BBs Jazz Blues and Soups, are always on the list when I come back to StL to visit the folks!

            Someday the smoking ban will pass, and I'll enjoy these two places even more.