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Philly Moroccan - recommendations please?

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Hello my favorite foodies,
I'm meeting friends for a Moroccan "girls' night out," and we have yet to select a restaurant. My fave is Casablanca (in the burbs), by that's not a good locale for the rest. I've been to Fez, and it was fine. But I'm wondering about Marrakesh. I just read a slew of reviews that were either love it or hate it, with nothing in between. Made me wonder. I'm also getting mixed messages as to whether it's BYO or has a wine list. Are there others to pick from? Shold I stick with Fez? I defer to the collective vast knowledge of the board.


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  1. Both Marakesh and Fez have liquor. They are your two options in the city. I have not eaten at both so I cannot say.

    1. Both are good, but they're not that different from one another...like, I think I remember one lamb and almond dish that Fez had that Marrakesh didn't. If you've been to Fez before, I'd give Marrakesh a try. Wine-wise, I don't think they have a wine list exactly, but we definitely drank there -- I think they have some kind of Moroccan wine. It's definitely an experience :)

      1. mckerr - When you refer to Casablanca, is it the one on Warrington? We are meeting friends there next weekend and I was curious as to how it is.

        1. I've done Marrakesh a few times, and a friend of mine frequents it. Its good. Its a set $20 a person too. I remember ordering wine, not a BYO. Definitely worth a try!

          1. Coincidentally, I have a reservation at Marrakesh next week. When I made the reservation, I was told that, because they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, I was invited to bring wine, even though they have a liquor license. While they did not say whether there is a corkage charge, I assume that there is not.

            1. Was recently at the Casablanca in Warrington and had a very good meal and lots of fun. The decor is nice, you sit in large rooms with other people on couches at a little table and eat everything with your hands of course. Many courses are served, from chicken to beef to lamb to rabbit, all was good (the rabbit perhaps the best). It is BYOB. My wife and I spent about $45 for a whole lot of food that was mostly quite good. Of course there are the male and female dancers whom you are welcome to cavort with.

              I would also consider Figs in the Fairmount section to be Moroccon. Much different of course than Fez and Marrakesh and BYOB.

              1. Its been a while, but Fez over Marrakesh for sure.