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Jan 24, 2007 06:23 AM

Philly Moroccan - recommendations please?

Hello my favorite foodies,
I'm meeting friends for a Moroccan "girls' night out," and we have yet to select a restaurant. My fave is Casablanca (in the burbs), by that's not a good locale for the rest. I've been to Fez, and it was fine. But I'm wondering about Marrakesh. I just read a slew of reviews that were either love it or hate it, with nothing in between. Made me wonder. I'm also getting mixed messages as to whether it's BYO or has a wine list. Are there others to pick from? Shold I stick with Fez? I defer to the collective vast knowledge of the board.


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  1. Both Marakesh and Fez have liquor. They are your two options in the city. I have not eaten at both so I cannot say.

    1. Both are good, but they're not that different from one, I think I remember one lamb and almond dish that Fez had that Marrakesh didn't. If you've been to Fez before, I'd give Marrakesh a try. Wine-wise, I don't think they have a wine list exactly, but we definitely drank there -- I think they have some kind of Moroccan wine. It's definitely an experience :)

      1. mckerr - When you refer to Casablanca, is it the one on Warrington? We are meeting friends there next weekend and I was curious as to how it is.

        1. I've done Marrakesh a few times, and a friend of mine frequents it. Its good. Its a set $20 a person too. I remember ordering wine, not a BYO. Definitely worth a try!

          1. Coincidentally, I have a reservation at Marrakesh next week. When I made the reservation, I was told that, because they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, I was invited to bring wine, even though they have a liquor license. While they did not say whether there is a corkage charge, I assume that there is not.