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Jan 24, 2007 06:17 AM

Burger at Knickerbocker?

I am going to be in the area of Knickerbocker on University tonight and I have had a craving for a great cheeseburger. I have passed this place dozens of times but have never stopped in but I have heard great things about it. I don't want to go to BLT Burger and I have heard mixed things about Stand. Any feedback on the burger at Knickerbocker? I would probably just eat in the lounge/bar area. Thanks.

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  1. haven't had one in quite some time, but when I did, it was great....enjoy!

    1. The burgers are delicious and perfect. The salad and fries served on the side are great, too. I even love the pickle! You will not be disappointed.

        1. +4 on the burger. they also serve some of the best fries!
          by the way, they serve a kick a@@ martini as well.

          1. I appreciate all your feedback. I went last night to Knickerbocker and had a good meal. The lounge area was full, although there were a few bar seats, but they offered to sit me in the dining room with the pub menu. They brought me out a nice bread basket with an amazing peice of cornbread, a giant chunk served hot. Hit the spot on a cold night. I ordered the cheeseburger which is a nice size served on a terrific grilled brioche roll with cheddar and 2 slabs of bacon.It reminded me a lot of the burger at Pastis I had asked for it to be served medium but it was cooked more medium well so some of the flavor was missing. Fries were good but a smaller serving than I had anticipated. I will return but order off the regualr menu next time, too many good things to pass up. For whatever it is worth, the manager of the place and the waiters were talking about how Rachael Ray was just there and is a regualr and that Batali goes there often for their steak. Thanks for the recommendation