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Jan 24, 2007 06:04 AM

Nice Dinner...

I am trying to pick a restaurant for Valentine's Day and there are so many choices! My bf and I love Peasant and Union Square Cafe--and I would love suggestions from anyone who also counts these places among their favorites!

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  1. If you like Peasant, you may like it's siblings - The Orchard or the cozier Apizz.
    There's Hearth, Wallse and L'Impero that you may want to check-out as well.

    1. thanks for your suggestions. Have been to L'Impero and Apizz but am seriously contemplating Hearth :=)

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        I think you can count on good service and excellent food at Hearth. If anyplace will do a good job even on Amateur Day, I mean Valentine's Day, it would be Hearth.

        1. re: Pan

 an excellent wine list that is also available in 3 oz tasting portions for 3 - 5 bucks depending on the type of wine and quality. gives you the option to try 3 different types of wine with your meal assuming that your going to go for the tasting menu.

      2. Hearth is excellent...went there last Valentine's Day. Everything from the first course to the last melted in our mouths.

        1. Sigh, I was hoping my guy would take me there for V-Day. But on Opentable, there aren't very many slots (if any at all anymore).

          1. If you're just getting around to making your reservations now, I think you'll find that your choices are not as great as you might think.