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Dinner near Symphony Space @96th and Bway?

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Would like some suggestions for a reasonable place with fish...ethnic foods are desirable, too. Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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  1. I like Indus Valley on 100th and Broadway. I have also heard good things about Turkuaz, also on 100th and Broadway.

    1. There's a good mediteranean place on 95th and Amsterdam called Acqua. If you're going to a show at Symphony Space I think there's an ad on the back of the ticket for a free glass of wine or something. There's also a place called Sipan at 94th and Amsterdam. I think it's Peruvian. Most of the good restaurants in that neighborhood are on Amsterdam. There's also Docks, the seafood place, on Broadway down around 91st or so.

      1. Mamma Mexico on 102 and broadway. Pampa --argentinian grill type food on Amsterdam and 97? Rack and Soul bbq on 109th and broadway. Lisca on Amsterdam and 92nd... Pasta, seafood

        1. Gennaro on Amsterdam & 92 (no reservations) is a good Italian. Friends recenty raved about Alouette on Amsterdam, near 97th, I believe.

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            Alouette is on Broadway (b/w 97&98)

          2. Sipan is a fantastic, upscale Peruvian place on Amsterdam at 94th street. It is fabulous, and it's fish is wonderful (and what it's known for). Start with ceviche and don't be afraid of the pisco sours.

            I also recommend Pampa, but that's more of a meat-y place (it's Argentine after all). I also like Regional, an Italian place, at 98th and Broadway.

            I don't recommend Mama Mexico unless you want a crowded "Fiesta Mexicana" experience (with mariachis and everything). The food is fine, but not great.

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              it looks like Sipan is "closed for renovations"...time will tell as to what that really means...

            2. Noche Mexicana is a great little mexican place up on Amsterdam between 101/102. It's a great value using really fresh and clean ingredients. Don't go to Mama Mexico -- Mjps2 is correct, it's fiesta hell.
              Another good value is a Cafe du Soleil on bway and 104. They do a great prix fix before 7pm. (sun-wed?) This would be a better choice with a larger group.
              Indus Valley is a great suggestion for slightly Americanized Indian. I eat Indian often and I am always impressed with Indus. Good Luck!

              1. Cafe du Soleil, Regional, Indus Valley, Cafe con Leche, Flor de Mayo, Lemongrass Grill, Mama Mexico, Picnic, are all standard fare in this neighborhood. Of these, the food at Indus Valley seems to be on a downward spiral, though the Malabar Fish Masala I had there recently was quite good, Lemongrass Grill has become antiquated in its Thai offerings but service is quick, it is right across the street from Symphony Space, and definitely serviceable, so you may want to consider that.

                Regional can be very good or mediocre depending on the day and is on the higher side expense-wise. Color me tacky but I like Mama Mexico, the colors remind me of restaurants in Merida and the food is usually good.