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Jan 24, 2007 05:56 AM

dirt cheap eats in NOLA, post-K

Let's start a new list. I'm talking $10 and under kinda joints, emphasis on good-to-great food. To kick things off--a link to Gambit's recent coverage of taco trucks & new Mexican restaurants popping up around town:

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  1. If you remember the article in Lagniappe a few weeks back....

    We went yesterday....

    The guy offers a great sandwich with friendly service in a lousy location....

    A really friendly person trying to make all the while spitting in the face of adversity needs our support...

    You'll like him and his Po-Boys !

    1. Casamento's is the starting point of any thread like this.
      Crabby Jack's
      Cafe Reconcile
      Tah Dinh
      Jazmine Cafe
      Blue bird
      Panola St Cafe (Riccobono's)
      Felipe's (new Mexican place by Elio's, behind the strip mall at Calhoun and Claiborne).

      1. I wasn't too impressed with Felipe's, although it will do in a pinch (and it's cheap).

        Tacos San Miguel is great. I tried that place this weekend.

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        1. re: Frolic

          Yeah, it's no Taco Cabana, but I don't like to drive for my cheap mexican foods cravings. Fresh salsa bar earns points, but they use storebought tortillas.

          Where is San Miguel again?

          1. re: JGrey

            Way out in the 9th Ward. On Claiborne. I don't have an address, but Ian talked about it in this week's Gambit.

            1. re: Frolic

              From the Downtown, FQ perspective, I'd say it's barely into the 9th ward...

              It's at Claiborne and Elysian Fields. Next to the Dollar Family (or is it Family Dollar) Store.

              It's excellent and worth the trip.

              1. re: lowergardendistrict

                Good point. It's all about perspective.

                1. re: lowergardendistrict

                  It is GREAT.... but bring an eating utensil - I was reduced to using a Marine Corps fork to finish the debris that fell out of the tortilla

          2. Cheap Lunch Places:
            Joey K's
            Five Happiness
            Little Tokyo
            Cafe East
            Cooter Brown's
            Parkway Bakery
            Liuzza's by the Track

            Cheap Dinner Places:
            Joey K's
            Doson's Noodle House
            Juan's Flying Burrito

            1. The Bluebird?? Is that the dive diner on St. Charles? I seem to remember they had a sign posted above the pay phone that read "No talking to imaginary people!"

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              1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

                No, Bluebird is on Prytania across from the hospital. Hardly a dive.

                You might be thinking of the Trolley Stop or Please-U, both on St. Charles.

                1. re: Greyhoundgrrl

                  You're thinking of the Hummingbird, which closed a few years ago. The few times I went, I was surprised at the decent omelettes but the real draw was the atmosphere. I remember the cashier (who was inside a cage for some reason) handled transactions for the diner and for the flophouse hotel upstairs.