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Best Sushi in Atlanta?

Sushi Soto closed down right around the time when I first moved to Atlanta, so I was not able to try it. Good ones I've tried so far are Hashiguchi, Taka, and Sushi Huku. I plan to try MF Sushi Bar and Haru Ichiban.

Would like to hear more about where to find great sushi in Atlanta.

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  1. It depends on if you equate the "good looking, hip crowd" with good sushi. MF sushi is very good, but the prices are a little high because of the crowd they are trying to attract and because of the restaurant location. Try Sushi Nami up in Alpharetta. When a chef is as knowledgeable as Scott and will only go to 2 or 3 other sushi restaurants in Atlanta (because he knows they are as stringent about quality as he is) then I tend to listen.

    Just off of Ga 400:

    5316 Windward Pkwy Ste B
    Alpharetta, GA 30004

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      I can definitely second the suggestion of Sushi Nami. It has turned me into a sushi lover. Everything is extremely fresh, and the place never smells fishy at all like some of the lower quality sushi places. And Scott is such a nice guy - he sent us home with a special bottle of sake last weekend when he found out that we had just gotten engaged that week.

      Also a great place if you have non sushi eaters in a group. Their tempura is amazing - perfectly crisp but not greasy at all. On a recent visit, the tempura platter consisted of shrimp, chicken, crab stick, onion rings, yellow squash, okra, eggplant and sweet potato.

    2. I'll definitely give Nami a try then. I don't care about the look or the crowd at all. Price is also not really a concern. I'm after a place that has great selection of the freshest sea creatures prepared by a chef who's skillful and knowledgeable.

      1. MF Sushi is great. I have been having my sushi fix at Kang Nam on Buford Highway. It has been a great experience every time. Give it a try.

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            It is just outside the perimeter on Buford Hwy. Do you know where August Moon used to be? That's where Kang Nam is now. It is a couple of doors down from Baldino's.
            Does that help any?

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              Great, thanks! I'll certainly give it a try!

        1. You should be pleased with Sushi Nami. They still have some "Americanized" sushi rolls with cream cheese and things like that (can you ever get away from it?!), but they are also very good with the more traditional style sushi.

          1. MF and Zuma sushi have great sushi and hip atmospheres. I totally recommend both if you're only looking for sushi, but I wouldn't exactly call these "neighborhood" sushi restaurants.

            Hashiguchi IS a neighborhood sushi restaurant, but it is way the heck up in Marietta in a strip mall. The atmosphere leaves something to be desired but they have surprisingly fresh fish and don't have frou frou rolls. It's all served on a banana leaf, which is different from anywhere else that I've been to in Atlanta.

            If I was only craving sushi and nothing more, I would go to one of the 3 that I just mentioned. However, our neighborhood/go-to sushi restaurant when we lived there (just moved from Atlanta two months ago) was Mali. You could go there with or without sushi lovers and everyone would be happy because they also have thai, so I wouldn't count that one out.

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              I live in Vinings area, so Hashiguchi is actually the closest among really good places I've heard, and the one I usually go to. (Sushi Huku is close too) It IS quiet and without much decoration, but like you said the fish was impressively fresh. I judge heavily on the shari (sushi rice), and I think theirs are very good. Also like the banana leave and order as you go style. (I always sit at the sushi bar)

              I will be trying out MF and Zuma as well. Has no one been to Haru Ichiban out in Duluth? I heard it's very good.

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                I hear (have not tried myself) that Tomo is very good. It's in a strip mall on cobb pkwy near Cobb Galleria.

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                  Hashiguchi is delightful. Ad the sushi bar order-as-you-go (omakase?) is the perfect way to eat sushi. We love that place.

                  And btw: it's decorated like a proper sushi bar. Simple and clean.

              2. I moved here from NYC about 6 months ago and oh, do I miss sushi! We had at least 5 good sushi places within walking distance from our apartment.

                We just got take-out from Zuma (on Highland in the Old Fourth Ward) and really liked it, although it was very expensive! I usually use California or Tuna rolls as my gauge for the priciness of a sushi joint, and these were somethling like $5.50 or $6 (in New York, most places charge $3.50 or $4 for them). However, the fish was great quality at Zuma, so we'll order there again... it beats the take-out alternative for us, which was RuSan's.

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                  I've been to RuSan's. It's VERY cheap but I really didn't like the quality. (not that the expection was high in the first place, though)

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                    Totally agree with your comments on RuSan's. I quit eating sushi almost entirely towards the end of my 3.5 years in Atlanta.

                    As soon as I moved to New York, I realized that I'd just had some bad experiences (courtesy of RuSan's) and I was back on board - and obssessed again - after eating it here a couple of times.

                    Also, one note: since you live in Vinings, you might have some people say to go to Orient Express for sushi. I'll be honest, it was never one of my favorites, but it's worth a try given your proximity. I would make sure to go on a weekend night when it's likely that the fish is the freshest, though.

                    Good luck!

                2. Sushi Avenue in Decatur is very good and consistent quality if you are around that part of town.

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                    I concur on Sushi Avenue. Excellent quality and less expensive and fancy than MF Sushi. I do love MF Sushi, though. Both places were recommended to me by restaurant people (servers, chefs) in Atlanta.

                  2. Taka, hands down in my experience since Soto closed. Try the omakase and let him bring you the best. Cooked dishes are excellent too, had an amazing spicy oxtail soup there last time.

                    1. While Taka might be the best sushi I've had in Atlanta, I didn't like his restaurant enough to go back. Never had the pleasure of being abused by Soto.

                      MF Sushi is very good and a nice place to eat, but for my money, Sushi Avenue rules.

                      1. I have been enjoying Umezono, which is on the SW corner of US 41 (Cobb Parkway) and Windy Hill Road, in a small strip center. They are the east end of the center. We have been eating at Umezono since they opened nearly twenty years ago. Very good and very reasonable is how I would describe Umezono.

                        1. TOMO!!! I only saw it mentioned once above. It is VERY good. Although it is located in a strip mall, it has a great feel inside. I would also highly recommend Starfish Sushi. It is located next door to Restaurant Eugene on Peachtree Street. I LOVE sushi and I think I have eaten at most all of the places mentioned. Starfish and Tomo beat them all in my opinion.

                          One other close to the Big Chicken in the strip mall by the new Super Wal-Mart is Mt. Fuji. Normally, you have to wait to get a seat at the sushi bar, but Don will serve you some of the best specials in Atlanta. He caters to the American's so unless you say you want authentic, he will give you the best rolls you have tasted, but there will be mayo and fried goodness involved.

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                            I couldn't agree more with you! Starfish Sushi is just delicious and just about as authentic as it gets.I have eaten in the very pretentious,loud,and overrated MF Sushi bar and it pales in comparison to Starfish.

                            1. re: savannahepicurean

                              Wow, I have a totally different take on Starfish. I think it is just ok - had some sad monkfish liver there, and some of the pieces of fish were almost frozen. Also, I don't think that many of their rolls with the silly names are authentic at all. If I recall correctly, many of them had mayo or other unpleasant ingredients.

                              Since Soto is gone, I'm not sure there is much great sushi in town, or at least reasonably priced sushi at a non-trendy place. Taka is very good. Several of the places mentioned above that are located in strip malls are also good.

                              I do agree that MF is too faux-hipster and expensive.

                              Have not been to Zuma, but I have heard mixed reviews. Will have to check it out.

                          2. Amen on Sushi Huku. Have you had their pumpkin/shrimp app? OMG. Is Nikimoto's (sp) still around? I heard the one in Buckhead closed but that they have another location.

                            1. Here is am update since I started the topic: I've tried MF, Sushi Avenue, Umezono, and revisited Taka several times. Something that's baffling to me is how many replies are saying that MF is too expensive. I find the price reasonable consider the selection, quality and location. It's about the same price range as Taka and Hashiguchi, only a little bit more expensive than the other ones mentioned.

                              I liked MF from the one visit (on a Friday night no less), and I would love to go back again on weekday evenings. Everything I had was great, and the service was excellent. (see my "Sushi Evaluation Routine" topic for what I usually order when trying out a new sushi restaurant) At Sushi Avenue, I found the nigiris to be gigantic, but very good. They had a whole aji (Japanese yellowjack) sashimi, it came presented as the entire fish, which was a first for me, and it was beautiful and delicious.

                              Umezono always feels like a family restaurant. Lots of non-sushi inexpensive choices, and good, too. But I can't stand the wait. Wait forever to get seated, forever to get orders taken, for the food to arrive, and to pay. I gave it several tries, but by now I have given up because the wait never improved.

                              I now have a mixed feeling about Sushi Huku because despite the glowing reviews, I have yet to have great food from the two visits. The non-sushi selection is definitely encyclopedic though, with lots of specials to boot.

                              My favorite now remains Taka. I just had the corned cow tongue recently, which Taka suggested people try in his weekly email. It was whimsical and delicious. All his emails are whimsical too. I am not sure about the constant reminder of "tuna is great, I have uni this week, everything else is ok" though. There's rarely mentions of really special items. The hamachi kama is fantastic. I know this is on MF's menu as well, and consider how I always hear there's really unique selections at MF, after more visits I just might end up liking MF over Taka.

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                                Thanks for the report. Taka is definitely my favorite, though I would agree that he doesn't focus on getting in really unique selections, rather he focuses on really unique/interesting preparations. There is a daily specials board every day, so whatever he does have gets top billing.

                              2. For the best sushi in Atlanta, try the unassuming Sushi Mania in Cherokee Plaza -Brookhaven. I have literally eaten the entire menu, several times over and have yet to be disappointed with any items. Sushi Chef Kenny has a keen understanding of how to bring the best out of each morsel of fish. I hesitate to post this in fear I'll be fighting for my spot at the bar in front of this master.

                                Give it a try and let me know what you think

                                ps - ask Kenny to prepare an off menu item - "Chuck special #1" - you won't be disappointed!

                                1. i used to live above MF Sushi when i lived in town and miss it dearly.
                                  if you can go for lunch the prices are even more reasonable, but i agree that i think the prices are inline with the quality

                                  1. Thank you for this thread. We just moved to East Cobb from LA and are feeling very sushi-deprived. Our only foray into a sushi restaurant in the area was totally disappointing. We CANNOT recommend Sakura on Lower Roswell off of Johnson Ferry in East Cobb, even though the AJC gave it a reasonable review. Sushi was covered in thick mayo-based sauces, and the salmon teriyaki was pretty inedible. We will try some of the recommendations from contributors here, but does anyone have any recommendations specifically in East Cobb or Roswell? Also, we would like to know if there are any Japanese markets anywhere in ATL. Thanks!

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                                      There is the International Farmers Market at Peachtree Industrial Blvd and Chamblee Tucker Rd. and also Buford Hwy Farmers Market on Buford Hwy just outside of the perimeter. I am sure there is probably something closer to you but I don't know that part of Atlanta.
                                      Good Luck and a trip to Buford Hwy can be an adventure!

                                      1. re: photodi8

                                        There's a Japanese market right next to Umezono, on Cobb Pkwy near Windy Hill. It's not huge, but they have a nice selection of products.

                                        1. re: photodi8

                                          Tanaka in Roswell is amazing. I used to go there weekly when we lived OTP. The prices are great, it is small and authentic, and the food is the best I have found here in the Atlanta area. It is in a strange strip mall and hard to find, but worth it.

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                                            Nagoya at the corner of Hwy 120 (Marietta Hwy) and Hwy 9 (Atlanta St) in Roswell is delicious. The atmosphere leaves something to be desired, but they make up for it with the freshness of the fish.

                                          2. Our favorite, despite my fear that one day it will be 'discovered' and we won't be able to get in, is Tomo in Vinings/Smyrna. My hubbie & I have turned many people on to this place, and they've all come back with excellent reports. Enjoy!

                                            1. I have read the entire thread and thought I would add a couple of places and also a few reviews of my own. I too eat sushi when I travel (Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Austin, etc.) I live in the Atlanta metro area and am constantly trying to find good sushi to replace our favorite place, Splash, that was in Alpharetta. It was the sushi chef and owner, Santo, that made the sushi wonderful. We have tried Zuma on Highlands Ave - it was very good. MF Sushi, was good but pricey for what you get and there was a wierd smell at the front door and inside at the sushi bar. Much like you were eating next to a dumpster. In Marietta there is Thaicoon, it's decent sushi. Sushi Zen in Acworth is hit or miss but when it's good, it's good (not great). Umezuno is a good lunch place with good prices. We have tried numerous other places that really don't deserve to be written up. If I had to say best sushi in Atlanta, thus far, I would say Zuma.

                                              1. Sushi Nami was one of the best experiences I've had anywhere. I would strongly suggest anyone make the drive, and compare for yourself. Their mushroom soup is simply the best starter I've ever had, and their selection of fish and other items are as fresh and varied as you'll find in an atmosphere that is a great balance of casual and focused.

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                                                  MF Sushi is hands down the best sushi I've ever had. I live in Los Angeles now and crave MF Sushi every time I go to an overhyped sushi spot in LA. Try the Magic Finger Roll and the Spicy Tuna Tartar.

                                                2. Out of curiousity:

                                                  An online acquaintance is a sushi chef at Ege-sushi in Marietta. Opinions?

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                                                  1. re: Richard 16

                                                    I have never had their sushi, just the soup. It was okay. However, I feel it is important to note that the only people dining there (besides me) were Japanese.