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Jan 24, 2007 05:38 AM

Best moderately priced restos in Old Montreal?

My girlfriends and I are going to Montreal this weekend and staying in Old Montreal. What restaurants would you suggest, French Bistro style or European, in Old Montreal? We're on the east end but not opposed to walking.

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  1. Hi,

    If you are here for more than one night, I would suggest a visit of "Le steak frites St. Paul" Old Montreal on St. Paul , corner St. Gabriel I is not the culinary delight of the century, rather a great steak with great fries in a nice ambiance with a bring your own wine policy that will save you a ton of money at the end of the night if you are on a budget. Enjoy !

    1. I think Holder would be a great option. It’s on McGill just over from Hotel St-Paul. Great busy brasserie ambiance, reasonably priced. Their menu and such is available on their website which for some reason I can’t seem to find!

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      1. Never been, but try and get ahold of David Rosengarten's recent newsletter on Montreal. He has all the restos and every other foodie fact about Montreal.