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Jan 24, 2007 05:34 AM

Belgian beers in DC

Please recommend places to grab a nice Hoegaarden on a Metro line. We usually end up at RFD but they raised their prices, its hard to hear each other, and the food is no good.


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  1. Forget RFD- try Saloon on U street. If you're willing to go off the metro line a touch, try The Reef in Adams Morgan- always a few different belgians on tap and their line cleaning rituals make you actually taste the beers.

    1. From what I hear (haven't been myself), Birreria Paradiso, in the lower level of Pizzeria Paradiso Georgetown, has an excellent and well-delivered selection of fine beers, including many Belgians.

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          3/4 of a mile at most...perfectly safe, scenic, and flat walk over the key bridge from Rosslyn metro. I do that walk whenever I go to Georgetown and it has never been a problem (and I'm not exactly the picture of fitness)...obviously dress warmly in winter for the bridge traverse. If the OP has walking limitations, then no it would not be wise to attempt getting there from the Rosslyn station.

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            Oh I agree, completely, I was just pointing you back to the OP :)

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          You've heard correctly about their excellent beer selection, which includes many Belgian offerings (although no Hoegaarden, check out the beer list here:, as well as German and English imports and US craft beers.

          I'm sure the Brickskeller (walk from Dupont Metro) has it.

        3. Belga Cafe, two blocks from Eastern Market Metro on 8th Street, SE. And the food is not bad either.

          1. L'Enfant at 18th and Florida in Adams Morgan has Belgian beers. It's metro accessible enough. 5 block walk from U street metro. Not far from Dupont. I've never been, but figure they have a good selection, as it's one of their advertised niches. One of they're other niches is that it's a gay bar. Beers are have price 5-7:30 I believe. Careful about checking out their website. I just tried to go check it out, and my work filter blocks it as pornography!?

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              There is nothing pornographic on their site. Their belgian beers are half price tuesday evenings 4:30-7:30.

              No Hoegaarden listed on their web menu, available at

              Note: it is a significantly shorter walk from the Dupont Circle metro station, but still half a mile or so. From U St/Cardozo, it would actually be roughly the same distance as Paradiso is from Rosslyn.

            2. I should have added in a central location since we are coming from offices in NOVA and DC.