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Jan 24, 2007 05:08 AM

Are Roosters the best wings in central Ohio ?

I love Roosters wings hot and wet.What do you like ??

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  1. Is there an actual restaurant called The Cluck Bucket as seen in the greatest comedy of all time, Tommy Boy ? Luckily, even thogh the kitchen was closed, Helen fired up the fryer for Tommy so he didn't have to have "a sugar packet or two".

    1. i like frickers wings especially on tuesdays when there 25cents each
      ( the owner of frickers is the brother of the guy who owns roosters)almost the same wings.
      hinders in tipp city has great wings, they're big and saucey with light breading.
      bw3's has the best sauce selection,and good boneless wings too.
      elsa's on linden ave. in dayton has good wings
      (ask them to do your wings in rib sauce,its like a red sweet\spicey bbq\french dressing)
      peaches in yellowsprings,ohio has good wings,and a really good selectin of microbrew on tap, and theres a good chance you'll run into dave chapelle the comedian there.
      if you know of any others e-mail me back,i'm always hungry.
      mike in dayton,ohio area

      1. Mike,My brother Mike lives on 201 in Dayton,Our first stop is at Frickers,Yes they are mirror image.and yes bw3's does have good sauce but the sign outside should read"micro wings".

        1. Rooster`s location in C-bus area matters. Lancaster (10)usually perfect. Pickerington (8) to light on sauce. Grovetucky (7)average. Hamilton road. (4) Greezy !