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Jan 24, 2007 05:04 AM

Waverly Inn..Bruni's review

Gotta read this one.

Very funny way to turn the tables on an obvioulsy shrewd media obbsessed restaurant owner creating buzz by not disclosing the phone number and limiting reservations to friends and walkins far more than the usual restaurant opening .

I could not stop laughing reading how Bruni reviewed the restaurant through the eyes of a friend and new customer. After so many typically worded reviews, this one takes the "cake"

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  1. While I agree that it's a funny review and does, indeed, turn the tables on the obnoxiousness of the place, I still wish that Bruni hadn't even dignified the place by reviewing it at all. I look forward to the Dining Section, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, but it's sort of disappointing to read about a place that one cannot go to, even if it doesn't seem like such fantastic food. Sure, I guess the exclusivity will die down, as it did at La Esquina, but maybe it won't. Maybe reviewing this is about like reviewing the food at Soho House. I don't know, the fact that it was reviewed at all, today, just annoyed me, poking fun at it or not. And, no, I'm not bitter that I can't get in, just that something that clubbily exclusive can be considered a restaurant at all, well, that annoys me. I don't want to have to vie for a spot there. Then again, Graydon Carter could care less for me and what I think, so I guess there's no point in being pissed off ;)

    1. I for one have no desire to go to Waverly but I thank Bruni-Wan Kenobi for writing this review. It's one of the funniest, cheekiest, insiderish reviews I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And it has to be the best 1 star review ever.

      But like so much in the ever evolving celebrity-soaked environment of Manhattan, all that glitters is not real gold, but oft times is fool's gold.

      1. i thought it was cheeky, and a very good poke at new yorkers' obssession with exclusivity. it doesn't really matter if the food is any good. it only matters that joe blow can't get in.

        once the shine wears off, and the NEXT BIG place opens, we'll see how carter's penchant for privacy holds up.

        1. I enjoyed the review, too--I thought the voice was pitch-perfect and very funny. But it starts out sounding like he's about to skewer the place, and then the review actually turns out to be a positive one. I think. I'm not sure if he likes the place or not. But he definitely seems to be a fan of the food.

          1. Reviews like these are why I love Frank Bruni.