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Jan 24, 2007 04:03 AM

Best pizza in Manhattan? Totonno's?

(1544 Second Avenue location. I have some business in that area.)

Coming from Montreal. Is this a fairly representative pizza place for the NY-style pie? Don't want to spend 45 minutes waiting in a line . . .

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  1. For a slice in that neighborhood, go to Mimi's on 84th and Lex. It is representative of how slices were in the past, when stores made their own sauces, had their own signature approach, etc. Now it seems like non-Italians following the same script with the same canned food. (Though I STILL love most New York slices.)

    For the best pie, in Manhattan, spend an evening at Arturo's on Houston.

    And wait a few more hours...this thred will be filled....

    1. Go to Patsy's on 116th St./ 1st Ave. It's a quick cab ride from where you'll be. It's the quintessential NY style pie and it's the best of its kind in Manhattan.

      I like Arturo's and the style is similar, but Arturo's is inconsistent and Patsy's is just plain better.

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        Patsy's is fantastic. The food. The history. The interior. It is representative of original NY pizza.

        Arturo's is a different flavor (thicker crust), but I prefer it to the more authentic and historic Patsy's.

      2. We live in the neighborhhod and recently gave Totonno's on 2 Ave a try. It is worse than when we were there five or six years ago. They opened with great pies but went downhill fast.

        Take a taxi or M15 bus up to Patsy's on 1st Ave at 117 Street. I would advise staying away from the sausage topping, otherwise enjoy a great pie.

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        1. re: Brian W

          There are two Totonno's on 2nd Av., one in the 80's and another on the corner of 26th St. I had high hopes when the 26th St. location opened, but when we tried it not long after, I was sorely disappointed because the pizza we had was barely mediocre.

        2. agree with the others - go to arturo's on houston st or patsy's on 1st ave in east harlem.

          the former is in a much better neighborhood than the latter. patsy's has better pizza but arturo's is fine, and you may not want to go to a somewhat dicey neighborhood if you're visiting from out of town.

          don't bother with any patsy's other than the original on 1st ave. and don't bother with either totonno's in manhattan. the original in coney island is great, but a trek from manhattan. and if you're going to go that far into brookyn, you may as well go to di fara, which is by far the best in the entire city/region.

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          1. re: surly

            I second Arturo's. Great pizza, good location, and it's certainly been there long enough to have its own bit of historic "weight."

          2. Luzza's (1st betw. 12th and 13th)