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Jan 24, 2007 03:38 AM

Help! Any thai/indian places that seat 26? (DC)

I'm visiting DC in March and I'm looking for any recommendations on thai or indian restaurants that could seat a group of 26 on a Wednesday night, preffered in DC, or near Metro. Inexpensive a bonus, plus I'm trying to avoid a private room fee.
Thank you!

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  1. Your best bet is ASCOT on L st. and Connecticut NW it is close to Farragut North Station on the red line. Ascot has changed the name I have forgotten the new name but it is on the south side of the street and next to the Indian eatery Naan & Beyond which they own.

    1. It isn't inexpensive, but the Bombay Club (near Farragut North and Farragut West) often has large parties that they can put in an area in the back of the restaurant. It is a beautiful place and the food is fanstatic.