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Jan 24, 2007 03:15 AM

Having a Kraft Foods potluck party, What are your favorite Kraft recipes.

I get this kraft foods magazine in the mail every so often and even though I never make any of the recipes I thought it would be fun to have a themed party and have all my friends go to the fraft foods website to make a dish and them we can try them out. Do any of you have favroite kraft recipes that I may try? I am serious about this too. It's all meant to be in fun. Thanks, Richie

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  1. A brick of Velveeta melted with a can of Rotel tomatoes w/green chiles makes the classic chile con queso most Texans grew up eating. It's a classic.

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      gotta second this one, except we use jarred salsa (fresh salsa makes it too runny). if you want to get extra fancy, add some browned crumbled chorizo. serve with sturdy tortilla chips. it's a running joke among my friends that this is the "specialty" of one friend whose culinary skills are strictly limited to opening packages and operating the microwave, but it always gets gobbled up at parties.

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        Love that sruff adn have not had it in ages. i used to love to dunk avocados in it. That was a great combo.

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          I love that stuff. I used to dunk avocados in it. It was a great combo. Okay...Velveeta and Ro-Tel go on the shopping list.

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            Candy?! You?! I would have never thought... you and Velveeta! ;-)

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              It is a rareity but that Ro-Tel and Velveeta dip all warm and melted with cool wedges of avocado mmmmmmm! I've not had it in years. Sometimes like once every 3-4 years I'll buy a small bolck of Velveeta to make school cafeteria style mac and cheese. It has it's uses...once in awhile!

        2. that's a fun idea!
          My two favourite Kraft foods are KD (which is Kraft Dinner) straight.

          And Hash Brown Casserole
          1 bag of frozen hash browns
          1 can of Campbell's mushroom soup
          1 container of sour cream (full fat, people!)
          1 bag of Kraft shredded sharp chedder
          mix it all up and bake until bubbly. if you're feeling fancy ;-) you can top with crushed corn flakes before baking.

          I love retro-cheesy-casseroles

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            I grew up eating this recipe for all our family holiday gatherings and thus it has been named "Party Potatoes". The only difference is that we don't use cream of mushroom. Instead it's the one small container of sour cream, a melted stick of butter, and a small container of premade french onion dip (perhaps kraft makes this?) mixed in with the bag of frozen hashbrowns and bag of shredded cheddar and topped with crushed cornflakes.

            My mother also makes a spinach casserole using frozen spinach, melted butter, velveeta, eggs and cottage cheese all stirred up and baked; it's like a kraft fritatta in a casserole dish. Or, just tell yourself that.

            You could also dress up the kraft macaroni and cheese with:
            smoked ham and broccoli baked with shredded cheese and breadcrumbs on top
            canned tuna, peas, some cream of mushroom soup and parmesan (tuna casserole)
            diced chicken and vegetables with tomato and hot sauce

            Etc, etc, etc...

          2. One of my friends already volunteered for this. I have not had it before. Thanks!

            1. I've never had the nerve to try this recipe from my grandma's church cookbook:

              Velveta Fudge

              1 lb margarine
              1 lb velveta cheese
              4 to 5 boxes confectioners sugar
              1 cup cocoa
              1 T vanilla
              1 cup chopped nuts (pecans or whatever you like)

              Melt butter & cheese; add sifted sugars & cocoa. Add vanilla & nuts. Pour into 9x13 pan. Makes about 6 1/2 lbs.

              If you make this, please report back. I thought about making it as a joke for an office bake off, but never had the nerve. The cookbook is filled with lots of gems- many beginning with a stick of butter...

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                I can't imagine this at all! Just even trying to imagine the mouth feel of velveeta and margarine w/ confectioners sugar...

              2. google "crabbies recipe"-- these are english muffins topped with Kraft Olde English Cheese Spread and crabmeat. A retro favorite (they really do taste good). Here's one of many versions:

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                  The Crabbies recipe is one of my Mom's favorites from WAY back when. I have fond memories of having them during the holidays as an appetizer.