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Jan 24, 2007 12:47 AM

Salad cream, malt loaf & other British food

I've been checking out local African markets & they carry lots of British groceries.

Salad cream which seems similar to mayonaise has caught my eye. However in a different topic about mayo, it seems nothing good was said about salad cream. Do you like it and how do you use it?

Of course the totally impartial Heinz site says "Famous chef Marco Pierre White once said: “Salad Cream is one of the greatest culinary inventions of the 20th century.”

Someone mentioned where to find malt loaf on my local board. That poster said it was hard to desribe and yes, I'll just link to the picture and description ... spicy malty pork quesadillas?

As long as I'm British grocery shopping, anything else I should consider buying? I've always meant to try those Heinz beans to see how they compare to American baked beans.

Some info on salad cream

The Heinz site with product info & recipes like salad cream potatoes, salad cream omelete and salad cream hot dogs ... yeah ... somehow that last one ... though Heintz says they are "Finger licking good!"

Very funny salad cream info ...

"Its ingredients (spirit vinegar, vegetable oil, water, sugar, mustard, salt, egg yolks, modified cornflour, xantham gum and guar gum as stabilisers, and riboflavin for colouring) are simple yet ingenious and cover the four main food groups, but like many other things the end product is greater than the sum of its parts."

What is really in salad cream

BTW, if looking for British food in the US, in addition to British and African grocery stores, Indian markets carry some groceries too.

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  1. After frequenting an LA pub that's become the focal point for the growing Brit-expat population, I've begun to see the wisdom of using malt vinegar and/or HP sauce to dip my "chips" in.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      MMM...I love HP Sauce. It's the tamarind extract that does it for me. I think I have an addiction to anything with tamarind...I crave it at the oddest times.

      My favorite irish pub in Annapolis carries it...along with an assortment of other unfamiliar sauces that i'm slowly working my way through.

    2. I'm English, I hate salad cream. Whatever you do, don't let the salad cream put you off other things - it's one of those exception to the rules things! (Oh same could be said for sandwich spread - ick horrible horrible)

      1. On a recent trip to London I became addicted to Branston Pickle.

        1. Try Salad Cream on your chips as well......

          I now having a craving for Branston and Old Cheddar.

          What about Scotch Eggs. Boiled egg wrapped in sausauge, bread crumbed, then deep fried. Only the Scots could do it.

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          1. re: industry worker

            I've also had it baked, but yes, scotch eggs are great.

            All of my friends think I'm referring to an egg dipped in single malt! When I switched them over, they never turned back.

          2. Salad Cream is like pourable Miracle Whip. I find no real use for it. Heinz Beans, on the other hand, are great. You'll find they're far less sweet than any American ones. They're more tomato-ey as well.

            You ought to see if you can get some nice biscuits (cookies). Like chocolate Hob Nobs or chocolate Digestives. In case you didn't know, "Plain Chocolate" is dark chocolate (as opposed to milk chocolate).