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Jan 24, 2007 12:09 AM

New feature: style picker

You asked for it, you got it.

Our site is red. Some people like it while others are still recovering - seeing the dots from a flash photo gone bad.

*Ow! My eyes!*

We're lookin' out for ya.

With a little stylesheet wizardry, we're happy to present our style switcher. Feeling a little nostalgic? Head to the right side of your screen, below the searchbar, and click the white theme. Up for red? You know what to do.

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    1. Instant relief... thank you, thank you

      1. You know, I must have been one of the few that really likes the red and intend on keeping it. *shrug*.

        Now where are those local wikis that we were promised? :D

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          That's one of the reasons for this change. Once we get all the kinks ironed out, that's the next step. Stay turned, it's getting better!

          1. re: SauceSupreme

            Me, too. The color was just about the only thing I liked (disclaimer: I wear tinted glasses at the office) in the site redesign.

            Now that they've fixed "My Chow" and the reply nesting and the site is running smoothly, it really is an improvement.

          2. That's a help, thanks.

            Also, thanks for fixing the problem. I had feared that that was intentional at first.

            You've given me enough to hang in and see how things come together around here at this point. Keep it up!

            1. Thank you! This is lovely. It's always nice to have choices. :)