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honeycomb and loose tea--where to buy?

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anyone know where i can find a good selection of loose tea and a place that sells honecomb?


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  1. it depends on what type of tea you are looking for. I mostly get my teas online, but for Chinese teas in NY, Ten Ren (in Chinatown) is a good place to check out. i hear that the T salon has re-opened somehwere, they might have some nice loose teas as well. you can probably find honeycomb at some health food stores, fairways, zabars, etc.

    1. I recently bought honeycomb at the Whole Foods in Union S. – I’m sure they must still have it. The Union S. Greenmarket also has at least one stand that sells honey – and they usually have some whole honeycomb boxed up for sale. I don’t know the name of the vendor, but he’s always there on Saturdays near the west side of the market.

      1. Honeycomb is available at the Union Square Greenmarket (look for the honey stand). It comes in a good-sized square plastic box. They also sell other honey products (creamed honey, beeswax candles, etc).

        1. Just out of curiosity... what can you do with honeycomb?

          1. Briek, you can just eat the honeycomb, wax and all, for an intense honey experience. Or you can choose to spit out the wax - although the wax is completely harmless. Another yummy thing to do with honeycomb is to spead some (honey and wax) on a crusty, hot piece of toast. The honey and wax melts into the bread for some natural gooey goodness.

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              Thanks for the tips! I absolutely love honey on just about anything. Maybe I'll buy some the next time I'm at the Greenmarket.

            2. whoe! thanks for all your suggestions...yeah, i heard honeycomb is INTENSE and i wanted to try. i've had fresh honey with parmesean--which i heard a lot of fancy italian restaurants have been doing as of late. i figured i might as well try it at home for less money.

              so it sounds like i need to use the web to get some loose tea. does anyone know of any place where i can buy it in person? i don't mind doing it online, but it's fun scooping the different leaves and flowers myself. sahadi's in brooklyn (thought i'd mention it, even though this is the manhattan boar) used to have that but i didn't see any barrels of fresh loose tea last time i was there ;-\

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                Takashimaya has a wonderful tea department...excellent loose teas & really beautiful tea ware...

                Ito En is excellent too, a beautiful shop with high quality loose tea...

                Ten Ren in Chinatown has a large selection of loose teas & teaware...

              2. For loose tea, I’d give Subtle Tea a try. It’s at 121 Madison Ave (I think that’s by 32nd?) It’s fairly new – opened up early this fall – and they have a very creative selection of loose teas on sale by the ounce. They probably have ~40 varieties at any given time, and I think you have the option to mix your own varieties as well. I’ve actually only had their brewed tea – I’ve never bought loose tea to go – but I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve sampled. They have some fun flavors – I particularly like their “almond cookie green tea.” The owners run the place, they truly love tea, and they will be happy to discuss their teas’ intricacies with you for as long as you can stand it. They also sell a small variety of baked goods and have free wi-fi, newspapers, and ipod docking stations, so you could try a cuppa in comfort and then buy the loose leaves to go if you like it.