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Jan 23, 2007 10:08 PM

Northern Thai restaurants & Markets?

I'm sure there are some in Thai Town - but which is the best? Any outside Thai Town? Dare I hope for one in the South Bay?


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  1. Sri Siam in North Hollywood has many northern dishes. So does Bua Siam.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Sri Siam is delicious, but I think it's mostly northeastern Thai (grilled meat, lime drenched salads, etc.), which is different from Northern Thai.

    2. Top Thai in Northridge (or Reseda- I forget) on Reseda Blvd has lots of authentic northern Thai fare. Khao Soy, Sai Uow, etc.

      1. I could be way off base here, but isn't there a huge run of Cambodian restaurants along Anaheim in Long Beach that also have a northern thai slant?

        1. My Thai geography (among many things) is pretty questionable, but isn't Northern Thai food also known as Issan Thai? If that is the case, Renu Nakorn in Norwalk is great. It gets rave reviews all across this board. It's closed for renovations at the moment, but it is supposed to re-open very soon.

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          1. re: glutton

            Issan Thai is Northeastern Thai. It is different from Northern Thai. They speak different dialects and eat different foods. All the salad stuff that is so popular nowadays, like som tum, etc., as well as the grilled meats (Thai grilled chicken) are Issan, or Northeastern Thai.

            Nothern Thai is different. They have curries, etc. Khao Soy is a signature dish (noodles in a curry sauce), as is sai uow (a distinct Northern Thai sausage).

            Northern Thai is not easy to find in Los Angeles. It's not even on every corner in Bangkok (unlike Issan food, which these days is everywhere in Bangkok). Issan food is also much easier to find in Los Angeles (sri siam, renu nakorn, etc.).

            1. re: jackt

              If "Issan" is Northeastern That, then what do the Thais call Northern Thai? What major cities are associated with each cuisine?

              1. re: Andrew Gore

                chiang mai and chaing rai are associated w/ northern thai.

                the northeastern thai dialect and cuisine as far as i understand are fairly closely related to laos, since issan province borders laos. it's hot and arid there, but the food's darn good!

          2. Spicy BBQ in the minimall on the NW corner of Santa Monica and Normandie in East Hollywood has the spicier northern Thai cuisine...very "pet" as they say in Thai.