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Jan 23, 2007 08:43 PM

white mountain deals

anyone got any good places one should check out when up in the white mtns, north conway, jackson area? looking for more the local places that have good portions, tasty meals, and don't
require you to leave your entire wallet? brkst, lunch and dinner are all places of interest. thanks!

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  1. everylastcrumb, for years I've been a fan of the dining at Eagle Mountain House in Jackson. They have everything imaginable for Sunday morning breakfast/brunch, and their dinners are surprisingly good and well-priced. Nice selection of traditional New England fare, local game, comfort food. And their bartender is a good mixologist if you'd like a cocktail before or after dinner. No pretense, just good food and bev.

    1. on the way up, in Tamworth, off Rt. 25 or Rt. 16 is a great place, good food, good prices - Checkers.

      1. Thompson House Eatery in Jackson is one of my alltime favorite places to dine. I love the atmosphere, the food, the drinks :-) I definitely recommend there for a fine dining experience. We've also have gone a few times to Stonehurst Manor. We enjoyed the meals every time. For more casual fare, and decent pint, try the Shannon Door Pub.

        1. I've always had good breakfasts at Yesterday's in Jackson. Won't break your wallet and will fill you up.

          1. Try Peaches restaurant in North Conway for breakfast or lunch.