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Jan 23, 2007 08:25 PM

Patsy Grimaldi (or 's)

anwyays, one of my friends went on one of the tours (the tacky double decker kind ) and asked the driver about difara's to which the driver said "it's not that great, grimaldi's is where it's at"

Anyways, call me crazy but isn't Patsy Grimaldi's, a tourist trap, and a not very good one at that.

For hounds that have been to both what do you think?

I actually have only been to DiFara a few times, but not PG.

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  1. Grimaldi's allegedly used to be great. In my experience of the last 10 years it has been very, very good. Lately though it's been very inconsistent.

    I've only eaten DiFara's in the last few years but it's light-years better than I ever experienced Grimaldi's.

    I would guess that the driver said that because those double-decker buses go right past Grimaldi's but don't go remotely DiFara's (thank god!).


    1. that is exactly true to since the bus drops em off, maybe right in front of or a block away from grimaldi's as one of the stops.

      1. Earlier this year my uncle from out of town sent me a link to somebody's Brooklyn pizza tour, which hit L & B and Grimaldi's with some filler Brooklyn sightseeing in between. From a tourism standpoint, it makes sense to direct people to these relatively capacious and orderly restaurants rather than the more chaotic and iffy Totonnos and DiFaras.

        1. Patsy Grimaldi's cannot touch difara- grimaldi's cheese becomes white gum on your pizza if not eaten in the first five minutes. difara is a master- 5 different cheeses, hand assembles each pie himself- grimaldi's is a major tourist trap.

          1. There's WAY too much hate for Grimaldi's on this board. When you go there at a less busy time you can get a GREAT pie. It's very different than Difara's- (Difara's is great in a much different way) the two shouldn't even be compared. Touristy or not- it's some great pizza.

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              well, the last time we went there were just a few occupied tables and the pies were soggy and the tomatoes were mushy and the white pie was boring. Its been YEARS since this place was great - but now it is not worth the trip. Too bad they dont do a better job, the room is still great.

              1. re: mdog

                i agree that while Grimaldi's is not amazing, it's still an enjoyable pie if you go at an off hour. i live a few blocks away from there, and it's a great local place for when i'm craving pizza (again, off hours when there is no line).