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Jan 23, 2007 08:01 PM

Special request at Cru

I'm taking my girlfriend to Cru for our one year anniversary and was wondering if it's appropriate to mention this to the maitre'd or someone else at the restaurant (or beforehand). Do restaurants usually do something nice for special occasions? Pardon my ignorance, but I've never mentioned these things to restaurants before and have usually just had the meal itself be the celebration. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I think you will find Cru to be one of the most accomdating restaurants you have ever been to. I'm sure the will recognize your occasion in a special way, every restaurant is different, but Cru will come through for the occasion and the meal!

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      Thanks for your reply. Should I call the restaurant beforehand or just mention it when I check in at the restaurant?

    2. I am curious about this too. I wonder how often restaurants will go out of their way to mark a 'celebration' type dinner with something special.

      Perhaps when making the reservation, ask if they can seat you at a nice table and then mention that it's because it's a special occasion. That way they'll know and that's a natural segue into mentioning the occasion.

      1. Don't feel bad about mentioning it when you make the res or calling back to confirm the res and say "did I tell you it is my GF B'day" I'm sure you will be happily suprised. Also be aware they will probably ask you if you want the "chef to cook for you" meaning a tasting menu. We were told it was a 9 course for $150.00. It ended up being 14 courses for $150.00 and worth every last cent! I felt a little, out on the spot, but again wotth every penny. Ask for Tim as your waiter, he's great.

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          What do you mean by "out on the spot"?

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            meant "put on the spot" to let the chef cook for us. A little prseeure from the server

        2. My girlfriend and I went to Cru for our anniversary. It was our first time there so I can't compare it to a "regular" meal there but they were very very welcoming and even started us off with champagne, compliments of the restaurant. That chef's tasting menu is a really amazing meal. I'm sure you'll be well taken care of. Enjoy!

          1. Absolutely mention the special occasion. I would expect a wonderful understated recognition of the event at your table.
            Also, this is a GREAT CHOICE for a special occasion restaurant. You will have an AMAZING and MEMORABLE evening! Be sure to check out the wine list on line before going because the wine selections are too much to absorb on a first look at the table. That being said, the sommeliers are extremely helpful in chosing wines in ALL price ranges. This is the PREMIER restaurant in NYC for a magnificent meal designed for wine enjoyment.