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Jan 23, 2007 07:59 PM

New to Saint Petersburg!

Hello all. I'm writing to get some suggestions. Originally from Buffalo, I'm a food fanatic....Any suggestions on: NY style Pizza, Tapas bars, Fried Chicken (I'm not even going to get into wings!)? Done the Tijuana Flats; love the chimi's, also had an amazing experience at Fred Flemings. Any suggestions (especially water front joints) would be appreciated. Best wishes to all. Sincerely, b bum

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  1. Go back and check out the St. Pete Beach post; it has a lot of good St. Pete Places.
    If you are into hotdogs, go to Coney Island on 9th street
    Whole and healthy foods ? (I guess not if you wnt to Tijuana Flatulents), then try Rollin Oats, which is GREAT.
    We really liked Ceviche in downtown.
    Nobody makes good fried chicken anymore. Nobody uses Lard.