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Jan 23, 2007 07:39 PM

Mike & Anne's - South Pasadena

Lovely little gem of a local restaurant in SoPas, located on Mission not too far from Fair Oaks and Meridian.

It's been open for over six months now. It's about five blocks away from my and my husband's apartment. All of the produce and bread they get is fresh from the weekly Thursday Farmer's Market just a few blocks away. Their wine is selected from the owner of Mission Wines (just down the street), and they get their cheeses, coffee and beer from local Pasadena producers.

We've been a few times for brunch on the weekend and have always been happy with our meals. I'm addicted to their red flannel hash (fresh roasted beets, roasted yams, onions, and applewood smoked bacon) served with two eggs over-easy and a lovely thick slice of toast (from their bread of the day).

The last time we went there for dinner, I had AMAZING braised beef shortribs. OMG - melted in my mouth. My husband and I shared dessert that night - a sinfully amazing, pumpkin-Guinness ice cream (YES, GUINNESS) served with a homemade shortbread cookie, and homemade caramel sauce. We were in heaven.

A must-visit:

Mike and Anne's Restaurant. 1040 Mission Street, Suite 102. South Pasadena, CA 91030. Phone: 626.799.7199

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  1. Been there. I like it too. Not as crazy about it as you are, but only been there once and never for brunch. I didn't like our table, it was not in a good location, which of course makes an impact on the total experience. Disappointed in the heiloom tomato salad, couldn't find the tomatos!!!

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      I do have to admit that our first dinner there was less than stellar (was in September 2006), but our weeknight dinner there in December was amazing. I think a lot of it has to do with whatever goods they're able to get from the farmer's market.

    2. We've only been there for breakfast which was good quality food, but not as special as the place looks.