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Jan 23, 2007 07:36 PM

Nigella's Bread with Warm milk comfort food

hi guys,

i was watching Nigella Feasts the other night and she made this dish that i have never seen or heard of before. it's basically: take bread, rip into smallish pieces, put in bowl, boil milk, pour over the bread with some white sugar (she used vanilla sugar). simple eh? she said that her mom used to make this for her and she grew up with it. i can see how this would be comforting and a nice treat at the end of the day, but have never had it myself. i have never heard of this dish before, and i don't think any of my friends have had it before either. i am wondering if other ppl eat this as well? or have i just been under a rock my entire life?? thanks!

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  1. This must be an Irish/English thing. My Irish grandma would make this if anyone ws not feeling well or for "treat" - she called it goody. I thought it was dreadful....

    See also this link to a description of Milk Toast...

    1. This was my Dad's favorite comfort food, as well (his ancestry was French/Swiss). My Mom (who was Irish) thought he was nuts to eat this, and the sight of it caused my brothers and me to flee the room.

      1. My wife and I had a good laugh at this "recipe". Very properly English, I am sure.
        However, we did our best imitation of "Mummy, more bread and milk please, I am ever so hungry - please Mummy" all afternoon. No Anglo-phobe here as I am of English descent, just a twisted sense of humor.
        I drive my 9 year old nuts by saying (when she asks for dessert and she has not finished her dinner) " you can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat".
        She is a bit too young to know "which one is Pink".

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        1. re: Tee

          well really, how can she have any pudding if she won't eat her meat?

          at our house when one was ill and just beginning to be able to eat beyond dry toast we used to put a bunch of saltines in a bowl and pour hot milk over them. cracker soup. doesn't that sound completely awful? the thing was, at that stage of recovery it tasted wonderful to us. sort of makes me want to try this recipe...yikes, but i do.

          1. re: xena

            wow that sounds very interesting! Salt and warm milk combined though? if you try it again, tell us what you think of it now!

        2. My Mom was of German/Russian descent and she would make this for us if we weren't feeling well. She always called it "Graveyard Stew" and I don't know if that was her twisted sense of humor (which I inherited) or what they really called it.

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          1. re: Hanky

            hahaha. thanks for all the responses. i thought it was more of an English thing. good to know that i'm not THAT much out of the loop.
            thanks guys!

            1. re: Hanky

              Yeah, we had it also when we were sick. I remember it fondly, so I guess I liked it.

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                "Graveyard stew" is what it was called in our house too. The bread was toasted , then buttered, then the hot milk was poured over, and then a little sugar.

              2. I watched that episode also and it reminded me of a "treat" a friend of mine ate when I was a kid. She'd crush up saltine crackers in a bowl and pour warm milk over it -- and sometimes a sprinkle of sugar. I thought it was disgusting, but she said her whole family loved it.