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(PHX) Breadcrafters

amkirkland Jan 23, 2007 07:25 PM

This is a sandwich place near PV mall on Tatum. I went there for lunch today. The inside is attractive, filled with fresh baked breads and sweets, but my aim was a sandwich. I went for their Turkey Stacker and a cup of Chicken Pesto Soup. First the soup. It was brothy with good flavor, but excessively oily. I rarely like soups at restaurants like this, and I would probably not get soup again, but it was alright. The sandwich was constructed of sourdough, turkey, avocado "spread," pepperjack, lettuce, and green pepper slices. The bread was fantastic. Not as tart as a SF bread, but very good with a nice crust. The turkey was very tasty and not processed. The avocado had a good avocado flavor, but the term "spread" made me weary. Perhaps a bit too much lettuce, but I like the crunch. Many wouldn't. The only loser was the flat pepperjack cheese. I was pleased overall with the sandwich. The ordering procedure was a mess because i got different information from each person, but eventually it worked out. A nice finishing touch as a free slice of cranberry nut sourdough that was darn near perfect.

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