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Jan 23, 2007 07:21 PM

Ethiopian suggestions?

Any recommendations for good Ethiopian food with a nice atmosphere? Also, one of us is a vegetarian.

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  1. First things first, I was just checking out chow hound but it was your post that made me join !

    The best ...BEST ...Ethiopian food in Chicago (maybe beyond) -hands down is @ Ethiopian Diamond, located @ 6120 N. Broadway ...I've been an adopted member of the Ethiopian Diamond family for nearly 4 yrs. and eat there/get take out @ least once a week ...I'm vegan (so your vegetarian friend is in luck) and I've entertained many friends/family both vegan/vegetarian and/or carnivores @ Diamonds -all of whom loved it. My ex boyfriend's Mother, who resides in Rockford, requests we eat @ Diamonds during her visits, ha.

    The menu covers many tasty Ethiopian standards -including a dish exclusive to Diamonds: shimbra assa ...chickpea flour in a blend of spices, to mimic their fish watt -This dish alone could thrill any newcomer.

    The atmosphere is spacious and airy, with vibrant lime walls and sturdy tables and chairs. they can accommodate parties big and small and their staff is friendly/helpful and more than willing to explain any menu item. The price is just right and one platter can satisfy 3-4 people. They also serve a wide variety of beers and wines. There's also free entertainment from legendary/man w/ the biggest smile Kelan Phil Cohran, on Friday nights.

    Here are a few helpful reviews:

    In the 4 yrs. I've been a regular, I've never had a bad meal and I always leave satisfied. One warning, prepare to crave Ethiopian food, post-Diamonds, haha.

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      Thanks for the excellent suggestion! We had a very good meal there. We had one meat sampler platter and one vegetarian sampler (b/c we couldn't decide what to order) and both were quite tasty and interesting. The service wasn't bad either (slow, but very pleasant.).

    2. The food at Ethiopian Diamond is fine, but the service is absolutely atrocious. Just be warned.

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      1. re: jesteinf

        I absolutely agree. The food isn't worth the ill treatment.

        1. re: jesteinf

          I have never had any service problems there - it's laid back (i.e ethiopian), and sometimes really croweded so if you want to go on Friday or Saturday get there early or late.

        2. Well, there aren't all that many to choose from...

          Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant and Lounge
          6120 N. Broadway

          Mama Desta's Red Sea Restaurant
          3216 N. Clark St.

          Ras Dashen
          5846 N. Broadway

          Addis Abeba
          1322 Chicago

          Blue Nile
          6118 N. Ravenswood Ave.
          (773) 465-6710

          Sheba Cafe
          5403 N. Broadway Ave.
          (773) 878-2352

          1. Ras Dashen is my all time favorite. Love the place. Wish I had more people in my circle of friends who liked Eithipoan food as much cause as it goes, I only get to eat it three or four times a year. The waitresses at Ras Dashen are very helpful and nice. However, service can be slow. I personally like the veggie options (you can pick three if you order) but the chicken wat is so tasty as well. Man alives, I am craving this big time now.

            1. I really enjoy Rasdashen and Adfdis Abeba. I have never been a big fan of Ethiopian Diamond. Food was ok. Service slow.

              So much of a contrast from the service at Rashdashen. I ordered the Ethiopian Coffee and tehy came out from the kitchen to let me smell the handroasted coffee. Lovely service. Great food.