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Jan 23, 2007 07:18 PM

A little Chicago in Rochester MN

I am originally from Chicago where the eateries were in high supply, but now I live in Rochester Minnesota. Anyone know of some great places to check out?

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  1. Its tough, chicago is such a great food city and rochester is home to a lot of chain restaurants. Do a search on here for the best recs, but its kinda thin soup. One must try is the harborview in Pepin WI. Great date place and a pretty drive especially in Summer. For greasy spoon try cheap charlies. Good luck

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      1. I lived in Rochester for 2 years after having moved from LA and feel your pain.
        Harborview - definitely the best in ALL of your area, but a bit of a drive for a nice weekday dinner and they don't take reservations.
        Redwood Room - overrated and just-OK, but the ambience and basement location is cozy on a cold winters night.
        The Good Food Store - has a deli in the back that has awesome, AWESOME vegan food, even though I'm not even a vegan.
        Canadian Honker - though very average in most of their foods, their beef barley soup is pretty good.
        You'll hear about all the other places that those in Rochester will highly recommend and tout as "excellent", but don't believe the hype - they're just average in any other city. If you're a real foodie, you'll find yourself driving to the TC every weekend for real, good food: Origami, Lucia, Broder's, Chiang Mai Thai.
        Good luck!

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          Rochester Magazine just released their "Best of" restaurant list...take it for what it's worth...a mere suggestion of restaurants in the area.

          btw - one restaurant not mentioned here that's worth checking out is Prescott's Grill -

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