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Jan 23, 2007 06:51 PM

Bona Pizza -- thumbs up!

Just had my first pizza from Bona Pizza & Pasta. Quite tasty. I had it with tomatoes, artichokes and pesto. They delivered in half an hour. Not a heavy pizza at all, like I found sometimes at Cora's. The crust wasn't too thick, and the cheese didn't overpower everything else. Good chow!

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  1. I had my first pizzas there a couple of weeks ago - the Mediterranean and the Bruschetta - and they were delicious. High quality, plentiful toppings; a crust of very nice texture; smooth cheese. Two mediums came with a Bona salad (also very good) and cost just under $40 for delivery. Two hungry people could only finish about half the order at first sitting. For anyone living in the Riverdale / Danforth / East York area, these pizzas are definitely worth trying.

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    1. Do they deliver to the downtown core (King/Jarvis area)? This area is totally dead for decent pizza delivery and I usually wind up hoofing it over to Terroni to get my fix.

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        Much as I enjoyed the Bona pizza, I think Terroni has better pizza. They do deliver in the area on their map. In fact, our office at Harbourfront couldn't get pizza delivered because we were 5 minutes outside their range. Urgh!

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          I would appreciate it if you'd let me know how your 'za is on arrival. Only reason I haven't ordered yet is the uncertainty about how hot & crisp it would be after the trip to Corktown.

          Does anyone know if they will half-bake your pizza? Best way to get it exactly right is to finish it in your own oven.

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            I live in Leslieville and mine was hot and crisp (I ordered thin crust well done) upon arrival. And this was in minus 15 weather. So I was impressed.

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              Ordered it last night. Pizza came amazingly fresh. Great crust, amazing toppings; a very tasty pie.

              I did order it very late when I'm sure they were not that busy, but pizza came to my condo in approx. 30 minutes, steaming hot.

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              The quality after delivery question is for Spades about Bona, not Merlot143. I placed my question correctly, but it mysteriously moved a space. Hmmmmm.

              1. Had our first Bona pizzas this Saturday. Very good. Did one Milan and one custom. I like that they do 3 crust thicknesses and a choice of whole wheat.

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                1. re: Mila

                  Bona does whole wheat? That's new. We've been ordering from them for years - my brother found them in the Yellow Pages and ordered us our first 'za from there the day we moved into our first house.

                  Shows what can happen when you're a slave to consistency. Must. Try. New things.

                2. Just had my first one on Saturday too, I'll be ordering from there again. Very good, very fresh tasting, didn't feel like garbage after eating it.

                  Can't wait to work my way through their list of toppings!