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Jan 23, 2007 06:29 PM

long island "dining"

anything new on the island?

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  1. The Lakehouse in Bay Shore
    Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport
    Noninno (sp?) in Babylon/Bay Shore

      1. re: MKS

        How is Novita? We've been thinking of trying it. I did hear though that it is overpriced and loud. A city wannabe kind of place.

        Any thoughts?

      2. We went to Novita last Sat. around 5:45. We were seated at a banquet style booth that could easily fit 5. For the two of us it was heaven. Noise not a problem. Atmosphere does feel more like the city. Service was excellent. It's a wine bar/trattoria. The wine list extensive. No complaints food wise. If osso bucco is on the menu I always order it. It was a special that night and was about the best I've had. Expensive yes. 2 apps., 2 dinner specials, 4 drinks and one dessert with tax and tip came to $170. When we left around 8 there was an hour wait. They take reserv. only for 6 or more. The noise level went up but tolerable. Plan on going back on a week night. Really enjoyed the place and it's not hard to eat well for alot less. Pizza or just a platter of meats and cheeses with a nice glass of wine.

        1. i'm a 1st time blogger-thanks