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Jan 23, 2007 06:23 PM

hearts of palm

I love hearts of palm and thought I could find them at kam man in quincy, but unfortunately they weren't there. Are these easy to find? Can I buy them at your basic stop n shop, or do I have to go to whole foods or a specialty shop for them? Also how much does a can of them cost?

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  1. Trader Joes has them. So does Stop and Shop and Shaws. I think TJs is the cheapest. Anywhere from $2.50- $3.50. For the supermarkets - they'll either be with the canned veggies, or the Italian Food section (Pastene).

    1. Market Basket in Somerville carries them - in the Brazilian food section near the beans (I think). Those in a jar taste far superior to those in a can, and the Trader Joe's brand (jar) is my favorite.

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        I agree about hearts of palm being tastier when they come from a jar than a can, but I've only found the canned hearts of palm at trader joe's. They're fine, and not that expensive, but there's usually at least one woody heart of palm in each can.

        1. re: Jeda

          TJ's used to have great ones in a jar but I have not seen them lately. The ones in the can are a much smaller circumference and as you say, woody-er.

      2. I have bought jars of hearts of palm at Stop & Shop before. I beleive the price was around $3 or $4.

        1. Shaw's had Roland's in cans on sale, 2 for $5, a couple days ago.

          1. I shop mostly at Market Basket because of prices - I always buy hearts of palm there. Love them. Great in a salad where you wrap them in prochutto (really screwing up that spelling), then slice them.