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Jan 23, 2007 05:44 PM

Oakland restaurant maps

Looking for some restaurant addresses on Piedmont, I stumbled across a nifty map system that the Oakland Convention/Visitors Bureau seems to have created, which covers about a dozen areas in Oakland. The maps are not perfect (Ichiro and Thai Corder are on the wrong side of the street, and some 2yr old restaurants are missing), but it is nice for landmarks, and could be quite useful to many.

Here's the Oakland Chinatown map (the others can be accessed from there):

For whatever reason, I cannot find links to this from their main web site. Google was the only entrypoint. But I found it quite useful today as I wandered around the unfamiliar areas of Piedmont.

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  1. I LOVE maps. When I first found this site, it only showed Rockridge and perhaps one other place. Looks like they've made so much progress. Thanks for posting this.

    For some reason, the Piedmont Ave map shows up when I click your link. No big deal, Piedmont is nice. You can go to ALL MAPS from there.
    Try this one.

    1. Very nice...and useful.