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Jan 23, 2007 05:20 PM

good vegetarian soups?

does anyone know where I might find good, lowfat vegetarian soups around cambridge or somerville?

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  1. I've recently become very enamored with the soups (and pizza, and pastas, and panini, and salads...) at Village Kitchen in Huron Village, nee Il Buongustaio.

    This weekend, I gave up on trying to choose between the potato and leek soup and the roasted vegetable soup, instead opting to bring home a pint of each. Neither was cream-based, but both still managed to taste hearty and flavorful.

    Bonus points for everyone behind the counter being almost preternaturally pleasant and good-natured.

    N.B. I'm not a vegetarian, and didn't ask what types of stocks were used, so it would be best to check before diving in.

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      They have nice vegetable sides offered, too, that reflect the North African background of the owner/manager (Algerian or Moroccan? I can't quite recall).

      The potato leek soup at the Druid is quite good, but again, not sure if it's truly vegetarian.

    2. I am very fond of the creamily pungent and rich garlic soup at Dali in Somerville. (Again: not sure about stocks--I'm not a vegetarian myself.) You really have to make sure that both you and your DC order it to avoid postprandial embarrassment...
      Tamarind Bay have a good, textured, spicy green pea soup.
      I hesitate a little to recommend Au Bon Pain, but the veggie soups are the best things on the menu I think. Try the substantial vegetarian chili and French Moroccan lentil. Both heart lunch choices in this cold weather.

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      1. re: katielp

        I would have recommended the green pea shorba at Tamarind Bay, which I think is great, but I remember it being rich. Vegetarian AND lowfat--argh! Au Bon Pain is a good suggestion I think. I've had good vegetarian soup there, and with some fresh bread it can be satisfying.

      2. Ribolita at Trattoria Toscana.

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        1. re: limster

          Is the ribollita at Trattoria Toscana actually vegetarian? I'd be thrilled to hear it. At places like Teatro and Via Matta, the ribollita isn't vegetarian.

          1. re: Chickpea

            It's traditionally a vegetable soup. There was certainly no meat in the soup when I had it at TT, and if they used a meat stock, it would had very subtle. But you're right in that not all places follow the same recipe, and it would be good to double check.

        2. You might want to check out the Tibetan places in town (Rangzen - Central Sq, House of Tibet - Teele Sq., and Martsa - Davis Sq.). They all have veggie soups, but I'm not sure how low fat they will be.

          You might be able to find something at Porter Exchange, amongst the Japanese food stalls.

          The Buddhist Center on Mass Ave (b/t Central and Harvard Sq) has a veggie lunch which I have yet to try. I wonder if they offer soups? At the very least, the food should be veggie and healthy, if a bit austere.

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          1. re: a l i c e

            yes, I love Rangzen- they have good soup, as well as Pho Pasteur. Great suggestions, Porter Sq. also has some veggie soups. I love asian soups, I was trying to find some more traditional soups that are vegetarian.

            1. re: katharineR

              For more tradtional soups, if you're willing to go as far as Bazaar in Brookline, they do a veggie borscht, nearly everyday, that redefines the species. Almost sweet and sour, with potato chunks, onions, carrots and some pickle(!)...Sounds bizarre, but a very flavorful, satisfying, lower fta option.

          2. I would recommend Souper Rollup Cafe on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge (near Kendall and Inman Squares). The proprietor, Sophie, makes all the soups homemade and has at least one, if not more, vegetarian soups every day.

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            1. re: veggiegirl

              Thanks, I live in Inman and I have not gone there. I will have to check it out.